Collection of opinions about maps.V1

Post bellow what is in your opinion the worst/best map in normal rotation(not ice)
or the worst/best section of a maps.

could be aesthetic of it, storytelling, lore, detailing of it, sprites…, how it feel to fight in it, strategics tactics limitation, unused road etc…
go wild but be constructive please…

also try to explain why it’s bad and if you a clue on how to solve it please state it to

please make a post for each map or section thanks



trijent dam is the best.
soro, on the other hand

I REALLY like Solaris, but mostly because of its Nightmare insert, since I like RP’ing on the ship as a Corpo goon PMC. LV-624 is also a solid, if overvoted map, and one I enjoy playing scout the most on.

I also despise and somewhat like Classic Ice, because it’s… well it’s Ice.

I love Trijent and Fio, Kutjevo. But I’m a survivor main. Trijent is just great because of how open it is, it’s not too bad for Xenos but a little unbalanced.

624 is not a “bad” map, though it is quite out of date, however its the fact its oversaturated compared to every other map with how often its played that drags it down.

Last I checked, according to the round-start bot on discord, roughly 50% of the maps played are 624, followed by Solaris.

I hate Ice Colony Classic, that map is a scourge

Its more a reminder of how things used to be.

If we wanted a more soulful Christmas event, I’d put up V2 of Ice Colony to play, it had soul even if it was unbalanced.

Honestly to me it feels more like LV & Solaris are the most balanced maps in circulation + are lowpop, hence they’re so popular.

Worst map imo is Chances Claim, since it’s especially hostile to the limited brainpower of the marines. Most games I’ve played on it tend to be: Marines rush to reactor, marines get stuck in reactor (the chokes are hell), command issues a fallback order, half the marines stay and get surrounded, whilst the other half gets picked off on the way back to FOB.

I honestly don’t know why this is so prevalent on Chances. Is it because of how many buildings there are? Do marines actually become more stupid on Chances? I don’t know, but whenever I play this map it usually ends the way I’ve described above, and just makes me vote for LV/Solaris/Trijent/Kutjevo instead.

It does not help, imo, that maps like Chances are very rarely played, so we don’t get a lot of chances to cut our teeth on it, versus more popular maps like Solaris and 624 where we spent around ~70% of our time

From best to worst…

Ice Colony (any)
Awesome aesthetics and memorable gimmick, full of soul. Long rounds = moar RP.

Trijent Dam
Criminally underplayed. Open and diverse. Two practical LZs. Multiple hot spots for fighting. Water filtering acting as control points makes for interesting game mechanics and round flow.

Solaris Ridge
Surprisingly diverse play for both sides despite it’s age. Plays very well. The best low-pop capable map. Buildings themselves aren’t very interesting. ‘Lots of caves’ is cliche but the colony proper sees a lot more play-time than LV-624.

Fiorina Science Annex
Unique play-style due to it’s design. Two good LZs. Suffers from having a variable amount of dead space on the map depending on where hive is located.

Chance’s Claim
Dense colony makes for interesting urban-like combat. FORECON and the reactor are very cool. Good aesthetic. However 9 times out of the 10 the hive is in reactor, the only used LZ is the primary zone, and everyone goes A-Block → Fitness → Reactor Intake.

Probably the C grade of maps. Gets played way more than it should, but not a bad experience. Manages to not get stale despite low variation in roundflow and suffering from massive cave syndrome. Wish there was more jungle in the ‘Space Vietnam’ map.

Kutjevo Refinery
Go right. I feel nothing about this map but I don’t hate it.

Sorokyne Strata
Snow aesthetic is cool. Suffers from the worst map flow on both sides in the game, with a weird layout. Colony being split between a frigid icy wasteland and a jungle seems thematically nonsensical. It’s warming up to me, though.

New Varadero
Probably the most milquetoast of the maps, considering it’s nature. It’s gameflow is better than Sorokyne but something about it criminally bores me. I never vote for this map. If one map had to go it probably should be this one.


I seriously can not believe that you think Ice Colony has “soul”. I am flabbergasted. Astonished. Slack-jawed. Where is the soul??? I can’t find any in the empty snow fields nor in the repetitive ladder/elevator nonsense.


Wdym? Ice is literally the best map, it takes us back to the US marines trying to clear out countless kilometres of tunnels from the Japanese in the Pacific Campaign. A fine and dare I say, outstanding monument to the spirit of the US marines. Playing on Ice, a world where air support and mortars do jackshit is the most soulful experience possible as it brings us all closer to the terror of tunnel warfare, giving us an appreciation for every other map in rotation. One must have a keen sense of culture and the finer things in life to truly understand the beauty of Ice. Ice is nice.


Honestly, ice colony is perhaps one the best and most underrated maps on Colonial Marines. People don’t realize just much tactical planning goes into the command involved in the round. It teaches command how to properly coordinate squads while at the same time building a healthy connectioning between the SLs and the squads who have to learn the map and rely on eachother wherever needed to achieve victory. It isn’t supossed to be easy, victory isn’t sweet, it’s about being good, ice colony teaches that better then any other map

True facts.


Everything about LV is pretty good except the cave fights. Even when I was regularly playing xeno I didn’t like them. Fighting out in the open areas and inside the colony has always been the most fun parts of that map.

@SortieEnMer sorokyne’s nonsensical jungle in a snowy wasteland is because it’s actually an underground geothermal hotspring. Unfortunately the game doesn’t convey transitions into the underground very well, and realistically speaking you wouldn’t have plants, which need sunlight, underground either.

Even Archi has been led astray… All hope is lost



Ice rewards good squad cohesion, patience, and is fantastic for naturally teaching CIC how to command. It rewards good communication and requires excellent coordination and communication skills to do well, but remains a good map at any pop because the tactical approaches to the map are extremely broad (certainly compared to maps like vara, chances, 624, and kutjevo).
I haven’t played ice colony as a xeno so I don’t know what that experience is like but from what I’ve seen, it’s fairly balanced and if xenos play well they can lead a decent fight against marines.



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Are you guys on crack? There’s a reason “Ice Classic” and all of it’s versions were removed. Nobody likes sitting at ladders for three hours waiting for either side to make a move resulting in whoever decided to go up/down first to lose.

Ladders and Z-levels just don’t work for CM gameplay. It causes either side to play the waiting game which is not fun or engaging for either side. I utterly despise Ice. There’s a reason everyone says the meme “Ice is nice”, it’s kind of the joke…

Shiva’s on the other hand was decent enough, shame that it’s gone now. I hope it eventually gets reworked and makes it’s comeback.

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If we were going to keep the map, which we won’t, I’d add at least three to five huge stair cases around the map that are wide open, to give both sides better access points to move up or down.

That won’t solve the issue of hellchocks, but a stair case is a helluva lot easier to push than stairs or elevators.