Command's ship control interface and reworked self destruct sequense

As it is I think that the control Command has over the ship is too limited.

While controlling the main functions of the ship like alert level, announcements, evacuation sequence and distress signal, I feel that there needs to be more than that. The ship is a huge machine that cannot possibly be controlled by a total of 2 consoles. That means further specialization of more consoles within CIC. Since there’s work being done of a bridge to be added these could pair well together.

These consoles could be:

*Weapons systems console: A console from which an SO can man Almayer’s weapons systems including OB fire control, AA placement, and (for events) Almayer’s missile batteries. That way it will be much easier for the CO or aCo to communicate with the crew to deliver efficiently OBs and control the location of AA coverage instead of having to walk all the way to fire control.

*Operations console: This console will mainly be manned by the CO/aCO and will identical to the one that already exists in CIC besides the fact that it will also include the ship announcements, frontline supply drop and the medal award system.

*Overwatch console: There will be 2 of them in CIC both manned by 2 SOs and will be used as the name suggests for overwatch of 2 squads each, with the SOs coordinating each of their assigned squads and ensuring that orders are communicated and enforced properly.

*Communications console: This console also manned by an SO will be used for external communications from other vessels instead of the usual ARES announcement. Since such communication is only necessary during events it doesn’t have to be manned constantly and will produce a text in the gesture channel that will indicate a sound and a bleeping light as to alert the crew that they received messages from colonies or ships. It can also directly be used to contact high command, WY and hostile factions. The decrypted communications also appear on that console. That would aid RP by a lot since it makes communication much easier and direct than the crappy fax that takes forever. The console will have access to secure channels for military and corporate vessels, commercial for commercial vessels and open for hostile unencrypted communication. The purpose of this console is mainly for RP and events as for them to be efficient and more enjoyable. Finally, it will also be used to send emergency distress signals for an ERT to spawn in.

*Ship status and navigations console: This console will be near the CO/aCO along with the operations console and will be used to control the ships systems like the alert level, the evacuation sequence as well as the ability to manually initiate a bioscan, run ship diagnostics and the new announcement for all personnel to man their battle stations (which I think is really cool and should be initiated manually and not by ARES). In terms of navigation it will have the option for the ship to leave the system. When the command is given a timer will start. When the timer ends the ship will leave the range of the planet and as a result any DS outside of the Almayer will be stranded with their only option to land on the colony. This will be means to prevent hijack once evac from the ground has ended.

Good thing is that once a system like this is implemented it will also give space for other coders to add their own systems and functions on them.

To clarify this is still an idea and to implement it it may as well take years. The main purpose of this idea is to increase realism and expand the possible scenarios that can occur during rounds as well as provide command more efficient ways to go about their job.


Cool idea but keep in mind that the ship itself isnt controlled from the CIC. I think the astronav deck is the silly equivalent of the bridge for the Almayer, so thats where navigation and the control center consoles should be