Commissioning code

Hi! To all the programmers who know byond code, I’m more than happy to pay commissions for adding things to the game.


  • Must use either Apple pay or Zelle
  • Simple things will be paid AFTER the code is complete and functional in the CM codebase. (If it isn’t added that is fine, but it must WORK properly)
    -Pay should be worked out beforehand unless something turns out to be more complex than expected (Spaghetti code)
    -Must have a discord and be able to contact Bippy#0773
    -This is not affiliated with the CM staff or development team

What kind of code though? It really depends on what you’re looking for, some people aren’t able to code large projects and some people wouldn’t bother with small stuff, could you provide some examples?

Currently I have only one commission, (Resin Wall changes)

I was thinking $10 USD would be sufficient. I don’t think it should be too hard but I dont have any idea how code works haha.