ComTech Hacking Device

What is it?
A ComTech Hacking Device is a W-Y portable computer available to USCM Comtechs. Variations of the model differ but they are commonly hand-held, transportable computers used to bypass access and security in a wide area.

What would it do?
By plugging into an exposed APC, the CTHD would override the security and lockdown procedures in a given area, effectively giving everyone access through places once electricity is restored.

How would this function mechanically?
Unscrew an APC panel and clip the wires for ID (screwdriver apc > cut ID scanner wire). Retrieve the CTHD from your pack (Z to activate CTHD or Right click > Turn on). Face the exposed panel and manually connect the wires (wear insulated gloves, right click CTHD, establish link next to console). Once link established, proceed with bypass prompt on CTHD (timed activity, dependent on size of area? power available?). Swipe ID (ID left/right hand > use ID on CTHD > Interface/chat + OH timer confirmation?). Wait until monitor confirms access granted in given area (interface/chat + OH timer confirmation?). Access granted (access restrictions lifted in area. i.e. using the CTHD to crack medbay doors on the colony).

Moving will disrupt and disconnect the wires (electric shock damage?).

Who is it available to?
Marine ComTechs, Synthetics/Working Joe, Command Staff.

As an anti-grief measure, any attempt to use it shipside will fail or otherwise states that the item will not work aboard friendly military vessels.


Interesting idea. Keep it up.

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Should look like this thing. I would love it if we had a one stop tool like this to get past doors.



There was already a PR for this, it went stale waiting on review.

Now that’s unfortunate.