Corporate Security Role

The idea is pretty simple, make a Corporate Security role to accompany the liaison role. This role’s job would be protect the CL and to be a source of roleplay as well. This way the CL won’t get pushed and needlessly tossed around at whim (which would be unrealistic to see) and the CL would have an accompanying role to rp with and talk to during downtime.


In fact, allow me to go into a bit more detail.

I feel that both the corporate side of things along with the survivor side of things could use complete reworks.

I think corporate could benefit tremendously from the following:

A corpsec role dedicated to protecting the CL and their interests aboard the Almayer, prevent any harm from coming to them and protect them at all costs, also fulfill roleplay and be someone to talk to so that the CL doesn’t get lonely.

Some form of involvement or objectives to complete during the round. I think giving the CLs an objective or set of objectives to fulfill for points would be great. Perhaps CLs could gain points by turning in the analysis’ of drugs that research gets, or by having their own groundside collectable intel such as Weyland Yutani secure documents, records, or by swiping/scanning survivor IDs.

These points could then be spent on things that may aid the marines and their efforts (Getting Wey-Yu to invest in the retaking of the planet, or supporting the marines in exchange for what they’ve done for the CL) or it could be RP orientated rewards meant for the Almayer.

Ideas I have for this are

  • Weyland Yutani stims. The CL would choose one of three stims and receive some packages of these. These wouldn’t be as good as the stims that research can create, but would have their own benefits or drawbacks.

  • Tech Points/Research points. The CL could invest their points earned back into grants for the tech-tree or the research in order to benefit either tree.

  • Requisitions/PO funding. (Gives more points or money to these branches.)

  • Wey-Yu prototype weaponry/attachments. Allows the CL to breakout a randomized prototype weapon or attachment that may either benefit marine forces, or hinder them.

  • Whiteshield. Should there be a corporate security role, this allows them to be equipped with better gear, aka promote them.

  • Wey-Yu PMC detachment. The most expensive thing the CL may be able to order for, and likely what they would aim to get is a PMC reinforcement detachment. This would be a squad of Weyland PMCs who are contracted to the Almayer and are used to bolster the ground forces against the xeno threat.

Another thing that I think would be beneficial is reimplementing the hostile agent role.
I think this could be very fun, just a planted hostile agent on the Almayer who randomly spawns in as any low-level shipside role (MT, CT, etc) They are given a set of objectives to fulfill on board the Almayer, such as disabling power, breaking into consoles, retrieving confidential files or information, planting a chip or bug in the CIC, so on so forth. These objectives, upon fulfilment would reward points that can then be used to purchase things to further aid the agent.

Should there be hostile survivors, these Agents would be able to work alongside and enlist their help, assuming they share the same hostile faction. (A CLF Hostile agent would align with a CLF surv.) You could also incorporate it so that the hostile agent on board starts the round knowing about any potential allies on the ground, or has some connection with them such as a radio channel.

As for rewards to be given in exchange for hostile agent points it could be any of the following.

  • Disguise kits (allows the agent to disguise as a different role aboard the almayer)

  • Clearance passes. (Alters the ID to allow access to more sections of the almayer)

  • Disrupting some key functions of the almayer, this may be the command console’s overwatch function, req having missing crates, or the dropship having a delayed refueling time. Nothing too serious.

  • Intel scrambler. This would allow an agent who gets ahold of a disk to be able to scramble the password on it and switch it with the password of another disk. You could have some kind of indicator that allows Intel marines to undo it, such as a blinking light or a message that says “it has been tampered with”.

  • Finally, if given enough points, perhaps allow the agent to call in a friendly boarding party. Accompanying this with a power lockdown and some other sabotage methods could lead to interesting scenarios. Essentially if the hostile agent was UPP they may call in a distress beacon for a UPP infantry team, who would then seek to take over the CIC. Or CLF, a CLF team, so on so forth.

Let me know any thoughts, but I personally think these would be cool additions to the server.

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I don’t think the CL is even allowed to have an assistant lore-wise, but some sort of W-Y antag would be nice to have every few rounds. With the idea of the security guy having to protect the CL at all cost would cause needless shootings when the CL once again did something bad and is now getting arrested.

If the role would be more a classic traitor, they should have objectives like “Stay undetected at all costs and sabotage stealthy”, or something like that to not make it the classic “Sec chases tator or cling or vamp through maints until either sec or the antag is dead, with zero roleplay” (Maybe accidentally gunning down the greytider and apologising hastily before murderballing again counts as RP?).

remember the last time we had shipside antags?

My recommendation if you want to play CorpSec is to play Survivor. We have some cool rounds every now and then where you can fully embrace the corpo appeal.

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I think this will result in a lot of bad things happening shipside as a result. I mean imagine the CL gets arrested, is the bodyguard going to wrestle the CL out of an MP and force a chase? Is the bodyguard going to be overly protective and not let the CL do their job, basically backseating?

I dont think its a good idea, but! I do think it is VERY possible and has been done many many times before!

As @QuickLoad mentioned, play security survivor and you have around a 50/50 chance of getting some corporate security guard, (yes, not all corporate roles are orange or white goons, some of them are literally just normal security guards. You can tell if they have a Wey-Yu badge on their armor vest since usually ID doesnt say). From there you can work with the CL if you survive and go shipside.

With that being said, survivor is a very hard role to get into and there is almost a 50/50 chance that you dont survive which can make it frustrating, but lorewise I dont see any reason why it would be allowed since in the movies the CL acts independently and is more of a figurehead rather than a power ‘model’.

I just think that its mostly counterproductive to have such a dedicated shipside role which has a grey area on what they can and not do depending on their judgement which may be impaired by ‘protect the cl’ or ‘listen to the cl’. But yes, play security survivor on most maps (LV is garunteed corpsecvivor) and go shipside, negotiate something with the CL and help them and it usually ends up being a nice experience.