Cryosleep - Fizzolini

Boy, hard to believe it has been 4 years already. Well Fizz is Fizzling out finally.

I have realized that i dont really enjoy CM anymore. And well instead of just uh leaving silently i felt like i had to uh give a heads-up incase anyone actually misses me (imagine)

CM will always have a special place in my heart. I met many great people on here i would mentione them but uh frankly i am terrible with names and generally have the memory of a goldfish so il uh not do that in fear of forgetting to mentione allot of people. So il do it in a more uh generic way.

Thank you my medic mains. you know who you are and i apreciate you for being there making chemline at times an actually enjoyable experience (that goes for you too docs i love you)

Thank you everyone that suffered with me in my uh Survivor phase. we had highs we had lows but i thought it was always fun dying with ya guys.

Thank you that one bravo SL that litrally made a firing range 4 years ago when i was a complete baldo. teaching me how to wield my gun in the most HRP way anyone could ever dream of.

il miss you mah Bravo bois on old ice. it was a pleasure goofing about with you guys for hours.

Also sorry whoever had to teach me when i started out as a medic/doc or any other role. i am truly sorry! xD

And everyone else you know who you are. Thank you for making CM what it is.




Now who do i find in alpha to treat my boo-boos? Anyways it was fun playing with you, guess i’ll see you some years from now when your itch returns.


Sad to see you go. See you around Space Cowboy.


It’s sad to think i wont see my favorite corpsman anymore around during the operations, And sad to see one of the best ones imo leave. I started playing just little more than 1 year agoo, and already miss so many great people. Even tho we still on contact, i will surely miss you ingame, but im grateful that i got not only to meet you but to share memories and many rounds with you in CM.

Alpha squad will miss you :heart:
Best of luck~




Fizz, my man. It will be a huge loss to see ya go. It was always great having you around. Great medic, great marine, great friend. Best wishes and I hope wherever you go, makes you happy.


I’m gonna fucking miss you, son.

Thanks for showing me how to Surv. Hope to see ye back soon aye.


It was reassuring to see your face on the battlefield, sad to see you go.



Fizz gone, I hang my head, another surv player dead.

Rip we had some fun holds.


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