Cryosleep - John Kilgore

Hello, my fellow gamers it is me, John Kilgore. I’m announcing my departure from this community. I would like to give a shout out to the following sigma males that made this experience so much greater.

Archiebald Cartwright | Larry Stewart |
Lenoxx Caldwell | John Ravioli
Nagasaki Chen | pvt throbby meatballs |
George Franks | Dallas Weeter | Jack Samerus |
Booker Peralta | Steve Mann | Aidel curran |
John Rock | Ahmed Ibn Khaldun | James Parker|
Joe Biden | Vincent Hammurabi | Alex Einzbern

I have to add this too. Shout out to the following CM Gamer girls and femboys.

Larry Westland
Booker peralta
Rickard Boar
Michele Obama

Shout out to BOO for making me mentally unhinged before the lurker nerfs. My neighbors thought I was mentally challenged and had special needs because i screamed like a retarded chimpanzee on crack cocaine.

Finally shout out to the CM staff team especially to these people.

Amber walsh
Kolten straub

Beta male liberal list.
Noir Kamikaze
Thank you.


See you around space cowboy.

Sad to see you go, king. Seeya around :saluting_face:

See you next week, Cheng!

We had some good time, sad to see you go O7

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Apocalypse Now Robert Duvall GIF - Apocalypse Now Robert Duvall Kilgore ...

See you around killer

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Bye Kilgore, hope we see you back someday we’ll miss you

u are noob

You just saying tha bc he didnt put you on his list


Beta male liberal list.
Noir Kamikaze
Thank you.

wtf delete this


I got the bad ending

did u fucking come back

no im banned

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haha lol why

I was a asshole to people and deserved it. Consequences have actions

To who, and when will you be back?

this made me laugh very hard

can’t even write my name properly you fucking ililadoamdklad

I love you

gonna miss you T.T

Why did Ahmed as someone who throws away his headset as SL and gets capped five minutes into the round or forgets he can’t do surgery mid surgery make your experience much greater?