Cryosleep - Murphy Major (I'm totally quitting CM forever gooby!!!!!)

Honestly dont know what to say here, Nothing dramatic or life changing happened. I’m just burnt out on CM right now and there are other things in my life that wanna focus on. So I can’t afford like 5 hours playing CM everyday anymore :sob:

Shout out to my bros: Johannes Strauss(stinky ass bitch), Cayden Mary, Archibald Cartwright, Alyx Einzbern, Cade Presscott, Stinky Strangler, Gramps, Windhealer, Dizzi Snowberyll, Steve Murphy, Gocken Demir, Keaton Howard, Isaac Flores, Frank Brown, the MT Cabal (You guys know who you are), and everyone else i may have forgot to mention, for all the good times we had. I’ll come back next year, bye bye!


Thanks for putting me on the list!! :slight_smile:

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CM13 always calls back to you. But I understand the break.

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Damn who am i going to beat to crit with a chair and get flamethrower killed by :weary:

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See you around Space Cowboy.

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See ya in a week ma dude

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You’re stinkier. I’ll probably follow soon-ish

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Take care of yourself!


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:frowning: the greatest enemy of the MP’s is gone. Won’t be the same without you

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guys this is two weeks old this mfer gone already

Ok it’s official, it’s 100% over for me.

I am permanently exiled from the CMcord for my violent past, and as such I won’t be able to get the CO whitelist. Wich was my end goal that I planned months in advance for.

I’ll still lurk here and post my unfinished CO story soon enough. But I’ll stick to the PVE server or something.



Sorry to hear it man. Life doesn’t always go to plan, as I’m sure you’ve heard countless times before.

Even if you can’t play CO, though, maybe you can still find joy in other roles? XOs are pretty much junior COs, so I’d imagine you could get away with being a pseudo-CO on lowpop.

You can also choose to simply find another role to enjoy! You are “GOD’S STRONGEST MT”, after all; I’m sure you can find something else!

I already got my kick playing XO and SLs already. I only wanted the CO WL so I can deploy more often and apply insane tactics bordering on retardation, like Juro, and also, people would have to call me “Major Major.” If I got the role lmao.


Had alot of good Surv rounds with you so RIP, i get the burnout aspect and understand where you are coming from man.


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