Cryosleep - XX-121

Bye CM am leaving now bye for real bye yes :+1: for real definitely yes gonna leave for like 2 days you wont believe it a whole its probably gonna be more like one day actually maybe half a day three hours probably

Anyway for anyone who actually reads this have any good game recommendations? I can only play Oregon Trail (1993) and X-COM: Terror from the Deep (1995) and Chip’s Challenge (1989) so many times

any post-2003 games? I think your pc will burn playing those.

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I heard X-COM: Enemy Unknown (AKA: X-COM UFO Defense) (1994) is a good game that I’d suggest.

(I’d also unironically suggest the Hardmode Mod for it, makes the game far more challenging but keeps it vanilla)

Mob rule (1999) is a good game, or try sim city 2000

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Have you tried AvP 2010? It’s a small indie game based off the hit Space Station 13 server, Colonial Marines.

maybe try dwarf fortress? or maybe fallout 1?

What’s about police quest, dying cause you didn’t check each wheel of your car is fun as hell. Swat is good as well, with part 1 being basically a collection of trashy greenscreen sequences and part 2 being a more or less realistic RTS, race into space is fun as well. Also, @biolock, ain’t the 2010 AVP a remake of the old AVP games (didn’t know SEGA was too indepedent either) with CM stealing some of it’s lore?

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oregon trail is :fire: but have you tried a game called fortnite?

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Imagine calling a scam sucking your wallet dry using blinking lootboxes a game

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The hit game Gollum (2023) was definitely at the very top of my list for AAA releases in the 1990s (which is what I assume your PC is capable of running). I heavily enjoyed it’s outstanding humor, as well as the witty references to the incredible Lord of the Rings trilogy (which is honestly quite underrated, it’s sad how few people have watched that sleeper cult classic hit)- For example, the name “Gollum” is a sly hint to the titular antagonist of the same name in the Lord of the Rings, which requires in depth knowledge of the trilogy in order to understand. Not just anyone can play Gollum and recognize just how deep it is. Every layer of meta-knowledge you unravel in the game simply reveals seven more, as if the game were expertly crafted into an onion, a subtle nod to the favorite food of Shrek, who stars as the anti-hero of the famous Shrek films.

If you liked Oregon Trail (1993), you will fucking bust when you play Gollum (2023). I know I did.

Anyways, see you next week Cheng.


Kings Quest

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