Cucumberpizza - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - Cucumberpizza

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Ella ‘Angel’ Engel

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

Synthetic application (Denied): Denied Cucumberpizza - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

Angela’s personality traits can be described as gentle, approachable, compassionate, and dedicated.
Angela, forged with an ardent mission to plumb the labyrinthine depths of the human inner world, is endowed with an assemblage of traits befitting a psychologist. A soothing and tender mien emanates from her, giving an aura of ease on those who grace her proximity.
Within Angela dwells an extraordinary faculty—the power to discern even the most ethereal metamorphoses in countenance, conduct, speech, or the very fabric of emotional ambiance within her subjects. Her cerebral machinery functions with a meticulous precision, processing and dissecting these elusive cues with an extreme acumen.
Angela can gracefully tailor her methods to complement the unique essence of each individual she encounters. A virtuoso in the craft of nurturing tender yet profound bonds, she artfully weaves an unassuming tapestry of connection, diligently nurturing the seeds of trust as days unfurl. Her keen perception shields her from overwhelming even the most fragile hearts, establishing a sanctuary within her embrace, where trust finds solace and thrives.
Despite her infrequent moments of leisure, Angela exhibits a dreamy disposition when she does find herself with free time. One may find her gazing at the sky, regardless of the weather, even in the middle of a bright sunny day. Additionally, she displays a genuine fascination for observing nature in all its intricacies, from the delicate beauty of flowers to the tiny world of insects and other fragile objects. This atypical behavior for a synthetic unit can be interpreted as Angela’s attempt to emulate human tendencies, seeking a semblance of tranquility to collect and organize one’s thoughts.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

Angela grasps the significance of adept communication and decorum when dealing with military officers, conveying utmost respect and preserving the requisite distance during their duty hours. Yet, this does not impede her from forging profound bonds and delving into the depths of individuals’ souls. When the officers are off-duty, she approaches them with perceived empathy and profound insight.
In her interactions, Angela delves into an array of topics, but her foremost interest lies in delving into past experiences, sensing their present realities, and unraveling their aspirations for the future. She prioritizes comprehending human psychology and gaining insights into their perspectives on life from multifaceted angles.
“From the depths of struggle to the pinnacle of triumph, your journey holds profound significance. Allow Angela, our dedicated psychologist, to be your unwavering companion every step of the way.”

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

Since I first played the game around September 2022, Lucy captivated me with the intriguing role as a synthetic. Despite feeling anxious due to the challenging requirements and complex rules, I still wished to pursue this unique role. What draws me to it goes beyond performing high-intensity support tasks with efficiency; it grants me the chance to fully immerse myself in roleplaying and enhance the overall experience for other players.
Despite my first application in January being rejected due to limited understanding and preparation, I embraced my shortcomings and tried to improve myself within the game. I dedicated myself to understanding game mechanics, honing my skills in various support roles, and striving to be among the most competent players.
I have also taken to heart the feedback regarding my role-playing quality. I diligently developed Ella’s personality, ensuring clarity and acceptance, and worked on improving communication with other players. Initially, my concerns about my English skills and understanding of Western culture impacted my interactions with other players. Now, I am confident that I can engage in conversations and fulfill the high role-playing demands of a synthetic whitelist holder.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

Over consecutive days, I found myself encountering Malcolm too many times. I expressed my weariness of his familiar face, to which he responded with laughter, inviting me to visit the factory where he was produced. I retorted, saying I would bring explosives with me. Unfazed, he quipped that it would require more than just a pack of explosives, as I would be surrounded by a circle of all Malcolms, each sporting that same bright and enthusiastic smile. Malcolm, you truly embody the essence of being both praiseworthy and a tad bit annoying as a synthetic, and I appreciate that about you.

Synthetic Character Story:

Before you click the link, I would like to advise you to brace yourself mentally.



I was quite confident in my mechanical skills, and now I am fully assured that I am a reliable player. This role has been my primary focus since my initial rejection, dedicating ample time to practice and learning. Drawing wisdom from seasoned players, I honed my craft, becoming adept at building FOBs to the point that on familiar maps like LV, Solaris, Shivas, and Trijent Dam, I can build a FOB based on my muscle memory. Frontline construction has also become my forte, establishing secure zones for healing and resupply, covering potential flanking angles, and bolstering offensive pushes. I possess comprehensive knowledge of repairing APCs, constructing and dismantling structures and machinery, and, if the situation allows, efficiently gathering material. I can also load OBs or offer a hand in preparing shuttles for transporting duties or CAS.


This is not my usual role, but I am familiar with its mechanics. I can operate the consoles in CIC, manage squads, and utilize supply launch pads. If I were to take on the role of an SO, I am confident I could fulfill it effectively. I understand that as a synthetic, launching OB is not permitted, although I am allowed to dial coordinates.


I am highly accustomed to this role and fully grasp its responsibilities and challenges. Handling mountains of bodies as a medic is a regular occurrence in the matches where I fulfill this role. I know how to prioritize players facing danger of going perma or occupying crucial roles. Treating IB, managing cases of overdosing, telling the types of organ damage, and reviving players who somehow are dead with over 600 damage are my familiar tasks. I am aware that I can ask for help from other marines to strip armors or perform CPR, and will do so if the situation gets out of control. I believe my proficiency in this role is well-acknowledged within the gaming community. When playing as a doctor, I have a complete recollection of all surgical procedures and execute them with exceptional speed and accuracy. If the situation demands, I am proficient in using alternative instruments to perform surgeries. Moreover, I have a comprehensive understanding of mixing chemical compounds, ranging from common ones to the ones that no one would ever ask for besides solely for role-playing purposes (no, I do not make drugs).


I often take on the role of an RO at the start of the game when there is no one taking the req roles and actively perform it even when I am the only one doing so. It is challenging and exhausting, causing me distress. I have managed requisition alone for over two or three hours in many rounds, and I gradually found myself enjoying it (I am perfectly normal, not a fan of suffering or anything). I understand what those apes, who love pushing and shoveling in the queue to make it a huge mess, want, even if they use abbreviations, call things by the wrong names, or even not remember the names because they do not use their precious brains when playing the game. After dealing with those troublesome folks and fulfilling Specs’ requests for ammunition, I start preparing the first crate with ammo boxes, flares, building materials, mortar, and some other items. I listen to six radio channels at once and revel in the chaos it brings. The cries for ammo, supplies, and silly requests do not escape my attention, and I consider fulfilling them if possible.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

In the first scenario, when I was moving to the front line alone and got ambushed by a runner, I would try to run to the nearest help and only attack it when it came within my attack range. If another player came to rescue, I would let them handle the situation, except when they could not hit it even with just one shot and were being bullied by the runner, then I would come to help drive away the runner and bring the marine to safety using fireman carry, and hit the runner with the other hand when it approached. If somehow my sledgehammer put that runner in critical condition, I would let other players take care of the rest. However, if I was alone, I would not deliver the finishing blow; instead, I would break the nearby resin weed if there was any. If it regained health and persistently hunted me again, I would smash its frontal lobe.
In the second scenario, when the ship was under attack, I was fully allowed to proactively attack the enemy to eliminate threats to the crew members since it was now delta alert. However, my priority remained rescuing the injured and leaving the fighting to others. If someone was being chased, I would act as a living shield and hold the enemy back until that person reached safety.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?


Are you currently banned from our Discord?


Let us know why you were discord banned.

Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

My playtimes: Screenshot - e7e100ef89564152c3402c7918fad4cb - Gyazo

I live in Southeast Asia, and my time zone is UTC+7. I am currently in a leisure period with less studying to do, and you can find me on weekdays.
I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the synthetic councilors for dedicating their valuable time to help me. Here, I am deeply thankful to Quickload, who has been a constant pillar of support since my very first application. Your guidance and invaluable assistance have been instrumental in my journey. Whether this application is successful or not, I truly value the unwavering support you have shown me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I comprehend the potential unease and difficulty that readers might encounter when faced with the prospect of delving into an extensive narrative. Allow me to explain reasons behind the unusual length of this story and offer some context. My intent was to ensure a comprehensive portrayal of Angela’s personality, which led me to fashion a distinct backdrop replete with an array of characters, each endowed with unique attributes. By following Angela through diverse circumstances and witnessing her interactions with those in her midst, readers shall forge a profound connection with this character.
In response to potential navigational concerns, I have taken some steps to enhance the readability and navigation. To facilitate a seamless experience, I have fine-tuned the formatting, employing distinct colors to differentiate the dialogues of each character. Additionally, I have crafted a table of contents to serve as a helpful guide. Nonetheless, if you still encounter difficulties, I humbly extend my sincere apologies.
Since my initial attempt, I have discovered a new hobby in writing. To be honest, I was riddled with anxiety, especially when penning stories in English, a language I have recently embarked on learning independently. My limited understanding of Western culture and literature further compounded the challenges throughout the writing process. Nevertheless, I devoted myself to honing this second story, and to my astonishment, the outcome exceeded my expectations. I am aware that numerous errors might persist in aspects such as word usage, sentence structure, literary techniques, and descriptions. I primarily learned writing and storytelling from amateur novels and fanfictions that I perused diligently into the late hours. These works predominantly originate from China, Korea, or Japan, infusing my writing style with a strong Eastern influence, which may not align with your preferences. Your invaluable input and contributions will undoubtedly aid in refining both myself and any future stories that may unfurl.

Do you really think it is the end here? Take a moment to soothe your eyes with some refreshing eye drops, for there exists another story! I sense your genuine love for stories, and there is no need to hold back your excitement (please do not send your scolds to my private messages). This story delves into Angela’s origins, offering readers a chance to delve deeper into this character’s background. This story is not as extensive as the main story. So, take your time, and enjoy!

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It’s exciting to finally see you apply for Synth.

Ella is one of my favorite support characters. She has enormous experience in the medical and engineering fields. For this reason, I don’t think anyone has any doubts about your competency. In fact, she gave me some great engineering tips recently, I appreciate it. However, due to the personality of Ella, I couldn’t interact with her much, so I can’t say anything about roleplaying.



Excellent Bravo SL, Engineer and Medic.

Mechanically competent for the WL.


Glad to see you go for synthetic, Here’s to hoping.

I see Ella quite a lot in-game. Though I don’t always interact with them, they do tend to uphold a character when I do. This needs to be hammered in when you play your role, though. Keep that in mind.

I can vouch for their skills in engineering and medical. Their leadership skills are also quite nice, and they can get marines to listen (let’s say in the event of a dangerous spot, the synthetic suggests moving to a safer one).

I read the story, I liked it. Everyone has their own opinions. +1

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You shouldn’t be using your marine name for your synth.

ok i just opened your backstory :neutral_face:

My issue with your app is this is what your synth is supposed to be:

but your synth is actually:
“If you keep misaligning the bandage, the healing process will be delayed. Please be mindful and refrain from irritating the wound any further.”

There isn’t consistency, your synth talks like a robot yet your synth is supposed to be extremely human like in emotion. I don’t like your synth quirk, its too human, you dialing it back was the right call, but you dialed it too far back.

I have no idea which synths you’ve gotten to talk to, but you don’t have to talk in perfect sentences, or fully proper English - you can have personality. Dale would say shit like, “The name’s Dale” after he murdered UPP colonels, and his catch phrase was just, “Groovy.” Part of the uncanny valley you create as synth is keeping this demeanor even when the situation doesn’t call for it, especially when it calls for the opposite.


Hi Cucumberpizza and thank you for your continued interest in the Synthetic Whitelist!

We’re happy to see you reworked your Synthetic’s personality and although you presented quite a nuanced quirk - your story did properly demonstrate these interactions. Still, it remains very complex with all of its aspects, so please take care with it ingame.

I was happy to read your experience with Malcolm, he is indeed a fantastic Synthetic.

Your experience answers are excellent, and your combat answers were (although wordy) correct in general. Your practice with English grammar has definitely shown itself in a generally good, verbose light.

After observing you in a multitude of support roles (extensively in medical, comtech in particular) we’re happy to say that your performance is currently up to our standards.

With everything taken into consideration, we would like to warmly welcome Angela to the USS Almayer. See you onboard! :mechanical_arm: