cueing actions - just a lil qol as a treat

basically comtech qol

you can now queue up actions to be done like attach wire or armor to barricades and such

this also slightly nerfs technician by slightly slowing comtechs down as they will have to operate within a set speed

but it reduces the rate of carpal tunnel slightly so tis an all around combat technician buff.

moving, getting stunned, etc, cancels and wipes the queue.

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yes this is nice

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Can’t you already do these actions at the same time? And would the actions you can do at the same time get limited to only one at a time with the queue?

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It’s inconsistent. SOme you can do at once like barbed wire, but others like deconning walls or I believe applying armor? to barricades will give the start message but have weird timings or just not allow you. I’d rather it be consistent and be not limited by clicks per second…

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Yeah with how limited the number of technicians there are I do wish we could queue cade welding like synths (used to?) do. With xenos spewing acid over 6 cades in 6s and an engi (being there) taking 5s to weld up a singular cade absolutely sucks.


Pretty sure CE can queue up actions, but not sure he can do everything. Maybe not Cade welding