Dark mode

The wiki needs dark mode, my eyes are currenlty suffering from photophobia. And it makes it quite painful to see.
I’d really like it, if we get a dark mode for the wiki.


Use opera GX, has built-in dark mode for everything. Alternatively, download an extension

Implementing a dark mode into the wiki won’t hurt anyone, and I’m sure other people won’t mind having it.

Personally I don’t want to download any extensions or other search engines.

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I am a strict advocate of accessibility, but really do wanna pitch you Dark Reader for Firefox (the browser you should be using, everything Chromium-based including OperaGX sell your data like they’re cigarettes to English middleschoolers), which is toggleable dark mode for every website with like, an 80% success rate.

Its so good, I was wondering why you wanted a dark mode for the wiki when it already looks like this! (Forgot I had it). The bonus is that a darkmode might take a day or week, but you can install this five minutes after you see my message.

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  1. sign into the wiki (all you need to do is press the Log In button because it justs uses the forums)
  2. go to your Preferences and select Citizen

  1. some things will look weird