Dedicated Fax Response Role

colonialmarines 2023-09-10 190344
I had the pleasure of being able to fax responses to the Corporate Liaison for a round (Thanks Waseemq1235) and it really got me thinking. THIS IS COOL! I GET TO BE THE GUY! IMAGINE THAT!
Anyway I think this should be added as an official job, make it time locked behind Liaison hours, maybe make it a whitelist, I don’t know, but it should be an official job so the liaisons can finally, finally, get their precious responses.


No, I think not.

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I like the idea since it adds way more to the entire world but I think the only issue is that most of these things are admin control like for example provsat. I do think again having more roles that arent directly tied to the USCM like that one idea of having a UPP or CLF listening post to simply expand the UPP and CLF as a faction and organization is a good idea but with this idea where you are directly replying to faxes that can range from status reports to “Hey send ERT I need people here this right now xenos are trying to fucking kill me!” is the biggest issue.

If this role is added or used more consistently which I am going to be honest, I think it wont be, it would require to be whitelist or more because of how important the role can be.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away we played with the idea of an “event only” section of staff team: members of staff who had no judicial authority or responsibility, but were solely responsible for running events, responding to faxes, and generally adding life to the world outside player control. The idea was scrapped for a few reasons, none of which are necessarily irreconcilable, but… there are reasons.

As for your core idea, the issue is that the fax responder would need some sort of authority to carry out extraordinary measures or else it’s meaningless. It would essentially just be a middle-man between staff and the players. Generally people send faxes for rule-exemptions, special privileges, or other things that necessarily presuppose admin consent. Muddying the waters between a staff member sending a fax and a non-staff member sending a fax overcomplicates the system of gaining IC-permission to do things not normally allowed.

If someone gets a fax that tells them they are to do something that might normally break the rules, it means a staff member has authorized the player to act in this manner.

If faxes suddenly are no longer 100% a reliable method of IC admin communication then they become meaningless, people will have to solely rely on admin helps

I can’t see this working for the following reasons:

  • As discussed above, faxes are meant for “an admin has authorized you to do X” or “an admin is giving you Y”. Unless we’re giving a player this ability (absolutely not), this makes most faxes worthless.
  • Off-ship roles that can interact directly with the station feels like it’ll create a million problems when an admin’s not breathing down their neck.
  • There won’t be any new whitelists.

I think it could easily be a whitelist type of stuff, where you should be restricted with a checklist for certain stuff. Because sending a PMC team to help the liason, is just a beacon anyone can send when they have the command tablet.

But it should reward other stuff, like a well RPd Liason should atleast get a response from higher up, where if they ask for PMCs, it could just be “Hang on, help is on the way. Please wait 1-3 working days for help to come” or something funny.

making badmins/staffmemes actually answer faxes? youd be better off doing the gallon of milk challenge. it would detract from them playing MP/xenos.

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Be the change, king :crown:

cant, and unwilling to pursue undoing my “perma” discord ban even though it was unwarranted. also wouldnt want to spend my time answering faxes - but that comes with the territory of admin/moderating just like tickets.

Of course, of course.