dinobubba7 - Commanding Officer Application

dinobubba7 - Commanding Officer Application

What is your BYOND key?

What is your Discord ID?

What is your timezone in UTC?

Player Name You Use Most?
Erick ‘Snake’ Silva, Immelmann A.W. Sidewinder, Serp’xal-Loxzil

Ban Appeals, Whitelist and Staff Applications:

Have you been banned in the last 3 months?

If so, why?

Command Knowledge:

How familiar are you with command positions?
Well versed with SL, SO, XO, and CO.

Squad leader has most of my hours currently and in the past- I know how to manage and keep people in line and on the task at hand while coordinating during very hectic situations. It also taught me how vital communication is and keeping cohesion, something that I try to prioritize are people making callouts, actually using peoples names so they react- and being quick and concise.

I know how to manage departments, and am on top of delegating tasks to those who are designated to handle them in order to have an efficient system of task completion. I’m used to running or being in an understaffed CIC which has caused me numerous times to multitask in completing certain goals to keep an operation afloat during critical junctures.

Formerly held the CO WL prior, albeit three years ago. I know how the job works, how it interacts with the rest of the tasks and jobs that need to be completed in order to have a successful operation, as well one that is properly managed. For the sake of transparency I was stripped of my prior CO WL due to disciplinary actions involving misuse and abuse of in game announcements for LRP/OOC reasons.

Hours in XO:
30.8 Hours

Hours in SL:
57 Hours

Character Information:

Why did your character decide to become the CO of a ship?
Immelmann did not decide to become a CO of a ship necessarily; like all Artificial Womb soldiers, he was created for a specific purpose. His purpose and reason for creation is to become the future of leadership in the USCM and set a new standard for what it means to be in a command position within the organization. In doing so he was tasked with using his knowledge, training, and upbringing to set an example for non-AW peers to follow for the betterment of the USCM. He was created, trained, and conditioned all his life with that mindset and goal to be a natural leader and model soldier that’s to strive and inspire his non-AW peers and others around him to act in a manner that improves the USCM.

For a more personal reason, it’s that Immelmann truly believes (although it can be debated if conditioning had a role to play) he is the future of the USCM and desires to set standards for those around him. He views the USCM as an organization that needs improvement from the ground up starting with non-AW personnel improvements regarding discipline, standards, integrity, as well ability. To accomplish this, he views himself as needing to ‘enlighten’ those around him for them to start to achieve the same level of discipline, standards, integrity, and ability that he views himself as holding. Leading by example and using Marine Law, SoP, and the USCM Operations Manual he believes will help him achieve what is laid out before him. What better way of invoking and accomplishing his views plus mission, than obtaining his very own ship to pass down his experience and knowledge?

How did your character attain the position of CO?
As instilled in him throughout his life, especially when he was growing up and impressionable- was discipline, and dedication. To achieve what he was tasked with, he had to apply himself as he rose through the ranks of the USCM keeping discipline and dedication as he made his own path. He started off as an enlisted to acquire knowledge of the ranks and positions to gain perspective as to the ‘plight of the grunts’ as he would consider it. Afterwards, he would eventually move onto commissioning after enough commendations & recommendations were obtained. There’s also the simple fact that considering his upbringing there were individuals in higher states of authority that helped usher him along to not get bogged down for years where his skills would fit a more suitable rank and/or role. However, it’s safe to say a large facet of this comes from his sheer experience spent within the organization- especially active service which he has accrued more than twenty-six years (he’s forty-four and started active service at eighteen years of age). The aforementioned personal qualities he held to help see him through to his desired position of a Commanding Officer of their very own ship.

Provide a short story of your CO.

Command Actions:

When do you believe it’s appropriate to pardon a prisoner?
I believe quite frankly as outlined under Marine Law, the only time that pardons should ever be used are in situations which there is either a dire need for the individual in question- as if there presence in a certain matter or series events can drastically shift the course of a round. Minor and major crimes established are pardonable and if the situation, individual, and scenario that an afflicted individual finds themselves is suitably ample to what I outlined above- a pardon would be considered and possibly given out.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use pardon.

  1. It is either low-pop, or late into the round with many casualties and specialized personnel are needed to complete tasks that can effect the outcome of a round.
    -As stated prior this would be a proper scenario in which I would invoke a pardon.

  2. It is either low-pop, or late into the round with many casualties and specialized personnel are needed to complete tasks that can effect the outcome of a round; HOWEVER they are known to be an untrustworthy individual who if given the chance will fall back on their prior reason for being arrested.
    -This mainly depends on the individual however if they show absolutely zero remorse for what they did originally, or have shown desire to continue where they left off or cause more disruption and breach into ML- then they would not be pardoned.

  3. An individual who has been known to be trustworthy and of integrity ends up arrested for either minor or major crimes, and it isn’t key to the round- but could be during their sentencing time.
    -This quite frankly depends on the crime and if it falls under minor or major. If it is a minor crime there is a good chance I would not pardon them and have them serve out their time considering how short the punishment times are. If it’s a major crime that has a substantial time limit a case could be argued that due to the length of time for those punishments a situation can develop that requires their intervention- in which case a pardon would be considered.

When do you believe it’s appropriate to use a Battlefield Execution?
BEs should only be used during severe, immediate threats to ones command, person, and ship/operation. The ability to immediately and permanently end an individuals round is not something that should be used very often unless the outlined criteria has been met and or exceeded either immediately within my vicinity- or through a buildup over the round that does not have an end or effective alternative action. Of course I believe giving a verbal warning is necessary before hand if actions deem it as such/applicability.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use Battlefield Execution.

  1. Private Etavirp is currently gunning down personnel en masse that are required for the operation most likely as an active attempt to ruin the mission as a whole.
    -I would use the BE, this fits the criteria would as such be applied since it will shut down the event as it would

  2. Ordinance Tech Brad is currently using OT grenades during a FOB siege, his grenades are hitting marines continuously and compromising defensive barricades allowing xenomorphs to gain an advantage.
    -I would verbally warn this individual to cease their actions as the situation has the potential to deteriorate rapidly due to their actions. If they continue to do so after I warn them a BE is justified and would be applied to the individual.

  3. Staff Officer Greg fired on bad OB coordinates causing a mass casualty event as it either hit marine lines or the FOB. They show genuine remorse and swear that it was a complete mistake and accept responsibility.
    -I would not BE this individual as while it can be justified as their actions caused an immediate threat to the entire operation- it would make more sense to let the MPs deal with charges and detainment for proper punishment rather than moving into BE them considering their stance and actions after the event occurred.


+1. Great RPer, great player, displays great judgement as a pred councilor. Perfect fit for the WL.

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Their actions in game and great skill to improvise is enough to speak for this app.


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Great player. I can easily + 1 this ap.

+1 he’s good enough for me to give him my support.

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Easy +1 every op I have had with him has been good. And have had some great RP outside of command. Also seems to know the USMC hand book better than any outher CO.

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His last application was denied on a technicality. If he was good enough to be in the RP committee he should be good enough to have the WL.

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Had several rounds with Dinobbuba7 where i was observing him as XO, great RP and great command capability, giving him a +1.

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Seen this guy play for a long time and have seen nothing bad from him. He is always fun to interact with and knows the game and already knows how to CO. Easy +1

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Greatly improved from the last application as well as your attitude to the game compared to your De-WL eons ago. You’ll be a great addition to the WL.


He’s got some next level experience with the tac map screen due to how much this MFKER BE GLOBE HUNTING!!! Nah, but really he clearly cares enough to be trusted with this whitelist I would give him a +1 :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Long time player, past issues but not severe. I think with the improvement shown you should receive a second chance at this whitelist, in hopes that you may bring in a fresh air on how CO can be done.

Just some words of advice. Whatever happens to your rounds, take a moment to breathe, think, and take calm actions. Don’t rush into things and don’t be affraid to hold your ground for things you on which your draw the line on.


Colonel Campbell, out.


Old school player, can hold his own in RP, and has been an enduring staple of the server for quite some time. I think, given the amount of time which has passed and his performance leading up to this application, the past issues (which are not especially notable regardless) can be safely ignored.



I can still remember passing you the ROvolver, now you’re reaching for the mateba smh

Seriously good player and roleplayer +1


+1 long time player, rarely see them in trouble ( if any ), even has past experience as CO
very cool depiction of A.Ws ( the better marines) in story too

sucks at war thunder tho :troll:


The player has clearly improved over time. I’ve seen them put in a lot of effort in roleplay on command roles, particularly as squad leader on his A.W. character. They should be a fine re-addition to the whitelist.


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Waiting for Sammy, but I believe this should be accepted soon. I’ve pinged her and council.

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(thanks for spoiling it soldier :sob:)

So a big thing a lot of community members and Councilors said about you was your ability to roleplay. That’s a pretty big compliment for an applicant and, combined with lots of overall support for you and your app, makes us confident you deserve the whitelist again. It’s good to see you still have interest in the CO whitelist after all this time since 3 years ago.

The Council has voted to accept this application and approve your promotion.

Congratulations, Major Sidewinder. Welcome back to the CO whitelist!

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