Disallow Socio-Politic Topics


I am here with a suggestion that all social political topics should be against the rules.

  • Have a current events channel but if you say anything about russia you get banned.
  • People disagree with other people and they use things as a shield in a very disingenuous way.
  • People avoid CM cord because they feel like they might say the wrong thing and offend someone overly sensitive.
  • People are worried about getting control F’d out of context weeks/months/years later.

Another point is that there is zero reason to allow any socio-political talks. SS-13 community in general is unhinged overall, plus this is a gaming community - not an activism group.

I do not care about your gender, I do not care about your political alignment, I do not care about who you date, or who you fuck, or who you marry, or who hold hands with, where you came from, what color you are, etc etc.

I am here to click sprite until it goes horizontal, meet cool people, and play other games with them. We really should leave it at that.


Ah, the classic “Not letting people vocalize support for the nation that pushed a prominent member of the community out of their home in a war that’s killing thousands is too political for my game about US soldiers destroying people’s homes and livelihood while devaluing human life”.

If you don’t want to discuss socio-political “Does this affect me or not” topics, then don’t discuss them. If you don’t want to offend people, don’t say offensive things. If you don’t want to get control F’d out of context, simply post the context or don’t hit ‘enter’ after typing

Y’know, Hitler did some pretty cool things actually.

and before

For example: He killed Hitler!

In the few times this strategy has failed me, blocking the people who annoyed me worked spectacularly. Then, if at aspect of real-world legislature or culture affected my life, I could bring it up with other people who wanted to talk about it.


theres probably better ways of showing support for a country with an ongoing war besides posting the latest happenings in a discord server channel on a server about marines vs aliens bro

  1. Not a bro.
  2. I don’t talk about the Ukraine War. There’s too much nuance and moving parts for me to give it the proper dedication to follow along. That being said, there’s a group of people who are pretty dedicated with discussing each major occurrence in that war in the channel. I talk about queer issues and social justice causes in the channel with other like-minded people.

At the end of the day, containment threads are a real and appreciable thing keeping the SJWs and such out of your other channels, it’s great for filtering out active bigots who - let’s be honest - contribute nothing to the game or community anyways - and allow members of the community to connect together on more than just CM.

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I always thought that having a current event channel was a bad idea, every server usually reach that conclusion after a while. Talking about random topics in general is fine, talking about other video games and organizing stuff with the community is cool, having discussions that are just oil ready to be lit up by anyone that has a sliver of a different opinion isn’t.

CM-SS13 is a community focused around a 2D game that goes pewpewpew against the mean aliens, I don’t see any point in having some useless containment channel or any social subjects that creates meaningless drama when you can create your own discord server for that exact purpose, inviting any willing participant to discuss whatever flaming subject that is on the menu. Seeing someone get banned from a CTRL-F taken out of context was quite special. Seeing people attempt to block any criticizing by saying “it’s because i’m x” is also very disingenuous.

Let’s be honest, the CM-SS13 discord server will not solve any world crisis, pushing in the back of any nation at war using the CM-SS13 discord will not change any results and having the wrong opinion on the CM-SS13 discord can already nail you a permaban. After seeing a wave of people getting voided out over some incredibly stupid joke, I’d rather have it clear that any socio-political discussion is banned and to take it somewhere else. There’s already 10000 side-cords, one more for the flock of social arguments will not affect the ocean that much and in bonus you get to invite only the people you like, awesome!

TLDR, I’d rather keep the socio-politic stuff outside of CM. Use other group chats or other discord servers.


Completely agree with you. Take it somewhere else. We do not need it. It is non value added.


I’ve already opened up a feedback post to figure out what most people think about currents events. Many agreed that the channel should remain unchanged. There were even people who hated the channel that somehow even agreed the channel should remain untouched. You guys decided to keep it as it is, so I’m not going back on that. The channel stays and it remains untouched until it comes as a conflict to the other channels

–Update: Current-Events has been archived, and Socio-Political topics are now considered off-topic for our community