Discord Ban Procedures and Appeal Information

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Discord Appeal Information


  1. Discord ban appeals are to be assigned to the discord team for review and will be processed within at least 48 hours (or 2 days) and will not be processed before then.
  2. Timed bans with 72 hours or less remaining cannot be appealed because the short duration conflicts with processing times.
  3. You may only appeal one ban of each type at a time. If your ban appeal is denied, you must wait 30 days before you can try again.
  4. Ban appeals are only for staff to post notes, admins processing it to comment on, and you to respond. The only non-involved staff who should be posting is if they are from another server to provide a vouch for good behavior.
  5. Do not bump your appeals or they will be denied instantly.
  6. Please remain calm, cool, and do not be disrespectful. Using abusive language in your appeal will result in an instant denial, and possibly forum sanctions against you.
  7. Make sure you designate what your ban is using the proper information (username, user ID, BYOND ckey).
  8. Unban appeal decisions are final and binding. If an appeal is denied, you may post a new appeal 30 days from the day it’s denied by default. A member of management may waive this and will say so on the appeal.
  9. If you have been permabanned before, and you get a second permaban, unless that ban was placed incorrectly , no appeal will be considered going forward.
  10. Permanent ban appeals may not be made until 180 days have passed since the permanent ban was issued.