[Discord] Certification

Hello there.
First off, sorry if it’s the wrong place. I was unable to find a place dedicated for discord support.
So, I have been on a quite a lenghty break from the game, and wanted to return to check things out. Buuuut, apparently I can no longer access the Discord, requiring me to “certify” myself with a token.

Problem is, if I had vaguely remember that being a thing with the CKEY of Byond, I’m at the moment stuck because either my token is invalid for some reasons, or the system doesn’t work for me.
Hence, I request some assistance on the matter because I’m not sur what to do exactly, considering I had hours of gameplay, I do not believe it is the problem here.

Any idea?

When you hop on the server and go into OOC tab theres a ‘discord certify’ button and it’ll give you a code to use, just put /certify then the code


Many thanks!

It seem I have not read correctly the info. Since I was certified before, I didn’t took the time to read the “Never certified before” tab… Because since I was certified before, I assumed it wasn’t for me.