Discussion on economic understanding of xenos

I have pondered this for a bit and have come to the conclusion over:

XOOC: Grimreaperx15(SystemAdmin): Xenos do not understand economic systems in general.

Basic primates are in fact able to recognize investment. There have been studies with low level “2 bananas now or 3 bananas later”, along with a basic bartering system where they can trade unfavorable food for ones they like better.

With Xenos, I recall some story where the queen halts killing of some marines in order to ensure one of them gets a special queen hugger, and doesnt die with it, making it known they can barter and trade, and should be capable of investment concepts.

In this case, the queen is us, and we are the queen. We are taxing ourselves, which is really an investment, like “taxing” your paycheck and putting that money into the bank for more money later in retirement. The tax being building up resin structures instead of capping survivors.


Prime Empress Announces,

Build beach, pay drone taxes, cap survs you know the drill