Dismantling walls as a CT or MT: Slicing.

Could we make the first step of dismantling a wall work the same as wrenching a table?

By this I mean that currently to dismantle a wall you have to fix any damages that it has with the welding tool due to the first step being slicing the wall surfaces with that aforementioned welding tool, and repairing has priority over slicing. This is a pain in the ass because it takes AGES especially if you are a CT with your yee yee ass low construction skill.

So could we make it so that welding the wall in harm intent goes straight into slicing the wall for dismantling in the same vein of logic as how dismantling a table with a wrench only works if you are in harm intent? I feel like this would be a minor fix that makes being a Combat Technician so much more comfortable in game.

Also as an extra, could we consider making walls drop a bit more metal when dismantled properly? I guess it is a balance issue, but a wall giving 2 total metals as the same as a window frame is kinda ridiculous when you have to use 7 metals to make one (a regular wall) and even airlocks give 5 metals when disassembled.


Why would a CT slice walls, doing req usually keeps you busy. Other than that, good idea.

CTs as in Combat Technicians.

Yeah, having to repair walls to dismantle them is very counterintuitive and a waste of fuel. I think using a different intent or tool would be a huge plus.

When it comes to the returns, I agree they should be better.
Ideally I’d love to get back 2 sheets of the cladding you add to the girder since it gives you a way to harvest some plasteel planetside. That’s probably going too far balance-wise though.

One iterative compromise would be to adjust girders. Why the hell does a ceiling-high impassable metal construction take half the resources of a sturdy fence anyway? Bump the girder cost to 4, and the return to something like 3 sheets and 2 metal rods. Considering how long it takes to disassemble a wall and how you can’t disassemble multiple girders simultaneously, I think the time it costs justifies getting a bit more back than at present. Shouldn’t be all of it, but right now Maxwell’s demon is making some serious bank at the scrapyard, and I want my goddamn cut.