DN9123 - Moderator Application

Moderator Application - DN9123

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord username?


What characters do you play on CM-SS13?

Calvin Hunter

Are you 16 or older?




On average, how many hours are you available to moderate in an average week?

Around 3 minimum when I’m in-season, more when I’m out of season (I play lacrosse in the spring and act in the fall)


Do you have previous experience in game or community moderation?

Yes! I’ve moderated a couple smaller SS14 servers before that no longer exist, as well as several other communities for other games.

Provide any links to any previous CM-SS13 whitelist, mentor or staff applications:


Have you ever been banned for more than 24 hours on CM-SS13?

Nope, never been banned at all.

Can you actively engage and communicate with the team through Discord?

Of course!

Final Details:

Why would you like to join the CM-SS13 staff team?

I want to join the staff team to help build a world that feels inhabited for players. I look around and I see moderators and administrators responding to faxes from the CL, doing things as Provost, doing things with ARES (possibly? not entirely sure how ARES itself works.) I look around and see these things, and I think that I would love to contribute to help make the world feel more alive and inhabited.

What makes you a great addition to Staff? (Experienced Tabletop DM, Aliens Lore Buff, Super Organized, etc.?)

Not only am I an experienced DM regarding TTRPGs, I am an exceptionally dedicated person, very sound of mind, and a quick learner. I’m always seeking more ways to learn things, and I’m willing to put that dedication and quick learning into becoming a moderator.
I’ve also worked as a moderator for a few other things in the past, so that could be to my benefit as well.

In your opinion, what is the most important quality of a CM-SS13 staff member?

I’d say that there are two exceptionally important qualities of a staff member. The first being the ability to remain calm, cool, and collected under pressure. The second, however, which is a tad bit more important, is understanding that there are three sides to every story, regarding a conflict that is. Of course, the two sides of the people involved, but a third, unbiased and truthful side. While knowing that third side is rare, it’s important to know that the stories of these individuals are most likely biased, even the smallest bit, in some way shape or form. Knowing that is the true key to success as a moderator, or really anyone who solves problems.

Anything else you want to add?

Not really, I just wanna know if I put too much effort into this lol.

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Hello! After a day or two of thinking, I’d like to withdraw my application if possible. I’d like to have fun and get to know the community a bit more before attempting to apply for moderator, or other things aside from just regular old player. Can this be done?

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Closing as per applicants request.
Please feel free to reapply at a later date


Added mod:denied and removed mod:waiting