do NOT use healing chems as survivor (discussion)

healing chems:
take a while to work
stop bleeding (eventually)
heal damage

if you are bleeding while you are capped, (and the wound is sufficient), you WILL bleed to death. Healing chems do not serve you any purpose, if you want to remove SLOWDOWN, use oxycodone.

not that slowdown matters, once you are being damaged, you can’t do anything but SHOOT, be it yourself, or the xenos.

think about it, where are you going to run? are they going to stop following you? by the time the slowdown is enough to matter in combat, you can’t run away anyway. what do you think?

This is bad advice. If you’re not holding you’re roaming. In both cases you should have healing meds and a sucide injector.

‘suicide injector’ doesn’t always happen

I’ve played hundereds survivor rounds and I will say that this has literally happened a total of 0 times to me from my recall.

Chems dont take that long to work, usually 3-5 seconds is enough for the chems to work when you pair bica+kelo+tri+oxy like you supposed to as a surv with injectors.

If it gets bad, its simple, just stab yourself on a limb (not the chest) as to circumvent armor, preferrably head if no armor is there or target several limbs to try and get as many bleeding wounds/uncontrollable wounds as possible.

Ive only seen what you are talking about happen to some newer players who may use inaprovaline due to them simply just being unaware of how it actually works.

Also to point out healing chems actually do help with slowdown, since oxycodone actually fails at some point to keep your ‘durability’ or ‘mobility’ at 100%. Regardless of pain, it is always preffered to have at least tricord in your system. Also may I add that running away while near crit on oxycodone is a very bad idea since you’d probably succumb to your wounds and go limp in a few dozen seconds.

You’re correct. It does not always happen. However, that isn’t a reason not to take healing chems. @medeelel181 hit the nail on the head, but while inaprovaline isn’t the best idea to carry as a survivor a lot of the other chems actually are.

you have a fair argument, but i still think it stands that in the midst of combat, alone, against more than 1 xeno, you shouldn’t use healing chems

If you’re planning to die the second you get downed, maybe you shouldn’t be playing survivor

The goal is to survive, not reject meds so Xenos can’t cap you

Meds are good and can give you the boost needed, if you get capped it’s all part of the game

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how do you honestly intend to survive in the midst of combat using healing chems? full health or not, you will get stunned/tackled unless you kill them.

if you get capped, you give the xenos 2 more - which is something you should probably strive to avoid as somebody who is not an ally of the xenos.

you’re trying to power game a mechanic to “win” and deny caps. Let other dudes play survivor if you’re just gonna roll over at the first sight of a xeno. Play more PFC to understand how critical meds are

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how’s it powergaming to not let the xenos win in an obviously hopeless situation? how am i rolling over by shooting instead of healing myself and getting capped?

why are you trying to patronize me instead of trying to talk about it?

I’m not patronizing you. I’m telling you don’t play if you intend to give up at the first chance. It’s a waste of a role of people who actually want to play

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I’m not giving up, I don’t see why you think that healing chems help you in active combat. you need all the time you have to shoot at them, and healing yourself will only very slightly alleviate the slowdown which is slower than the xenos anyway.

It is giving up.

But onto the point. If your argument has any validity at all, we wouldn’t be seeing nerfs making an active effort to limit the number of ground-side medications available a lot of more robust actually premed themselves before diving into a push, and someone who has clocked a lot of survivor hours over the years I can tell you from first-hand experience I’ve gone up against more then one xenomorph in both a group and on my own and been able to walk out alive.

That’s because healing chems help you in active combat. It’s part of why people take Unga in flasks. It’s been such a staple of CM’s features over five years that the point you’re attempting to argue is against basic common sense on the server.


okay, you win, fair argument