Does anyone pay attention to trust levels.

So like does anyone ever bother to check the trust levels of someone else unless someone brigs it up. Does anyone actually care what there trust level is.

I’m not asking if we should I’m asking if anyone does.

Only in jest. Most people myself included would be appalled if someone used forum trust level as an actual argument.

So are they only for getting more privileges that your probably not going to use.

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Correct. Mostly the ability to like more post per day.

The words of Level 3 or Regulars have more value than those of an inferior trust level :hesrightyouknow:
Source: me, a level 3 Regular user from the CM forums


We have trust levels?

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Big talk coming from someone of a lesser trust level than me…

Don’t trust this guy, @Octonitrocuban221126

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Does it have anything with my name being a type of high explosive.

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I can be trusted with anything