dogexploder - Player Report: Unknown, Predator Honor Code

dogexploder - Player Report: Unknown, Predator Honor Code

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Predator Honor Code

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It was around 20 minutes into the round when I saw this predator come up and mark a ravager designated YUZ (not sure if this means they’re worthy prey for the hunt or dishonorable) for the hunt. To my knowledge YUZ had done nothing to become dishonorable. Then, the predator stunned YUZ with the plasma caster and dragged them off of the weeds and into an unweedable area on Solaris Ridge, and onto a mine he planted, then killed YUZ. Strikes me as a violation of honor code because the honor code states that though the plasma caster’s stun setting can be used on honorable prey, they cannot be hunted while stunned. If YUZ were dishonorable prey then I see no reason why the predator wouldn’t have just used the lethal mode. Furthermore I would argue that dragging prey into a mine while stunned qualifies as ‘hunting’ them.


This was during the server instability and the server appears to have crashed, however I was told by staff that logs are instantaneously written to disk when generated. Thusly, please pull them! Server time is logged in this report. Several other xenos also witnessed this, feel free to reply if you did.

Due to the server instability the logs were not saved post 3:30 Am server time for the 26th

If the ravager themselves wants to they can file a report and we can see about what can be done. In cases like this it’s up to the “victim” if they wish to report a potential HC violations.

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