Dominik1212 - Permanent Ban Appeal

Dominik1212 - Permanent Ban Appeal

What’s your BYOND key?


Character Name?


Type of Ban?

Permanent Ban

What is your Bancode?


Admin who banned you?


Total Ban Duration

6 month

Remaining Duration

6 month

What other servers do you play on?

Sometimes i play on flup

Are you now or have you been banned on any servers? Which ones?


Do you play using a Virtual Machine?


is your copy of Windows legitimate?


Reason for Ban:

Banned by host: Reason: Metagaming. As xenomorph, fought agains survivors and died. While a ghost, observed another survivor, who was hiding in a van in a different area of the map. Proceeded to rejoin as a larva, evolve and capture that survivior. When questioned, claimed to have found him by preforming a colony check of the usual hiding spots and denied having seen him as a ghost. On managment’s request, escalated to filing for a permaban for lying during investigation

Links to previous appeals:

Your appeal:

     At the beginning, I wants to say that I wants some degree of conversation, not just rejection or acceptance. I wanted to know more about the decision-making process of ban, i try ask Segrain for more info, but to cut it short, he said he wasn't making the decision, he was asking someone, and further attempts to find out more have ended up with nothing. So here I am with the questions and thoughts.
     I plan to divide my speech into two parts. The first will be about the situation, the second will be about the time of the ban. In these two threads I will weave my reflections and thoughts. I want an Appeal on these two topics, if the first is not accepted then I want an Appeal and the second topic.
     Before I even start I want to say that the description of this ban is hurtful and immediately puts me in a bad light for anyone who reads it. It sounds like I would just stalk in the van after death and spam "join as xeno" just to get a larva and run to this van just waiting for evo and get down to the "action". In my opinion, this is a very short and imprecise view of the whole situation .... So let's go to the first point:
     1. Situation ( time after dead)
     When i died i wanted to see how the survs were doing (it's fun to watch) so i ghost jumped to one guy but it wasn't fighting xenos, so after a second I switched it (I have an older laptop so it took a while to load so I didn't see much, but after a while I realized that it could be survs from a van) to one that was fighting, so I stopped on it and after 2 minutes he was dead so I sat at the place of his death for a while I talked with other ghosts, then after a while I went to the bathroom, when I came back, I already had larvae, so I went to the colony, I counted the bodies (2 dead in engi, 2 captured), so for 100 (there can be 1 surv for each 20 pop on server start) the population was missing one, in the back of my head I thought maybe it was a survs in a van (but I wasn't sure), deliberately avoiding corpo at the end, so I started checking normal and often hideouts, and after about 5-8 minutes (already as a warrior, it takes some time to evolve, i got to corpo well and found it in the van.

    1A.Where does metagaming begin, and where does skill and memory begin?
    I've been on the server for five years (I'm not sure) and I've been looking for survs as xeno for a long time (I think I have 1500 hours as xeno), you can say that I'm looking for survs professionally :) (joke). I know a lot of places where they (survs) hide, where they group, how and where they move, you could say I study their behavior, it's a very changing cycle, and it changes all the time with new upgrades. And I'm learning new methods of "hiding" all the time. (I could honestly write down on the map all the places where they hide, group, etc. and my action plan, I usually have the same for each map, of course in my head :)). I want to say that I have a specific plan of action, I always go to specific places and check them, I follow marked paths, I can say that I do it by memory. By that I mean I always check the van (only one shift click), it's on my "must check 100%" list". It's stupid, someone will choose the most popular hide spot and think that only those who do metagaming can find it, is in my opinion in a big mistake (Van is probably the most popular hide spot on LV in my opinion). So the question is, if I die I can't play normally doing my checklist anymore, does begin ghost change anything if someone pick the most know hide spot? If someone lay down under the door of the hive and I saw them as a ghost I couldn't do anything about it cuz would that be metagaming?

    1B. Metagaming or somethink normal?
     If this is metagaming you should ban 100% of the server :). 
     If a marine dies but you know they're going to resurrect him and he's a ghost, he can look at whatever he wants. He sees the hive, he sees possible flanking attacks, he sees foes' concentrations, he sees change of frontline, he sees everything, should he get banned for metagaming too, because he can use it to gain an advantage or... maybe already he is doing it?
      If the marines know where all the tunnels are laid out and specially take c4 backpack and go to blow them up, they should get banned for metagaming?
      If xeno dies and sees all FOB sides, sees strengths and weaknesses and exploits it later, should he get banned?
      We have a mechanic that literally allows this behavior. Maybe we should change this mechanic? Don't blame the player, blame the game, some say :)

      1C. Lie or not?
      From what I remember (maybe I misunderstood) Segrain asked me if I used a ghost form to look for hidden survs (these are not literally his words). I told him no, because I saw a surv in the van not specially, I didn't want to look for the survs hiding, only those who fight as a ghost, (that's why after a second I switched to another one and stopped there). So it depends on the intent, I don't think I lied because I didn't mean to use the ghost to look for hidden survs. only the fighting ones. I don't want to use any "help" because huntting survs is an exciting, RNG "discipline" for me and I like it, and a bit of adrenaline :). But it's just word against word and everyone understands it differently.

     2. Ban time
     I want to know why immediately permanbanned. On an account that had never been banned, I hardly caused any problems, I think I had 6 total notes (Hard to check right now) where most notes were for things like "I said TY (to be honest writing notes for being nice is stupid) or WTF or AMONGUS. I haven't done anything serious. And boom permaban. I think I would have a smaller ban if I entered medbay with m39 and started shooting everyone :). A few days ban would understand, it would mean homie you're doing something wrong.
     let's face it, a 6 month ban is gg, I doubt I'd come back to Cm13 after such a long time, i liked people from the server it will be sad XD.
      If you're here, thanks for reading, I've been writing this for a while XD, lots of kisses and lots of luck for yaaaaa, your Dominik
      I feel like I'm writing an essay for school :)


Appeal assigned to administration team for review.

In regards to your ban, you are permanently banned at the request of management. You were observed by staff members checking a survivors location, then immediately b-lining to that hiding spot to kill said survivor. Upon being questioned you lied to staff in regards to how you found the survivor and claimed it was a standard check.

The management team then escalated your punishment to a permanent ban.

You wish to have a conversation and that’s fair. You might feel that the ban length is not appropriate to the punishment and you are correct, it is not the standard punishment for metagaming without a prior history. However the fact that you directly lied to a staff member is what netted the higher punishment. You KNEW you had seen that survivor as a ghost and if you had fessed up to the fact you had seen him we wouldn’t be here.

Lets assume you didn’t go looking for him and just stumbled across him as a ghost, then going and killing him is STILL metagaming.

Ultimately this appeal is denied. If you wish to come back, Id recommend getting some playtime in some other ss13 servers, show you wont metagame and get a vouch. You may appeal December 15th 2023. If you have any further questions in regards to the ban feel free to message me.