Dont host command events in the public server.

Last round i was on there was a event. Now usually this wouldn’t matter except since events help make sure that the game is more varied. This event was a command-only event where everyone who wasn’t a marine just got to watch as people who rolled CIC and MP got their RP. At least 120 players were in a round where NOTHING HAPPENED. For me what makes it worse is the fact that warfran was fired and this was the first event after that.

If you EVER do a event that only involves command at least make it a normal round and have it be so it affects shipside. Problem is this didn’t even include shipside personal. It was just mainly command and synths.

Please for the love of god don’t ever do something like this again. I’d rather get OBed and have a shitty round rather than waste a entire one for a “event” that only affects CIC where i might as well observe. This should have been done on the event server because i didnt even know what was happening until the round ended and someone told me in last round chat.


it wasn’t even a command only event, command was barely filled in with what was going on to my knowledge they were just the plot hook. i was involved as a PFC and i was forming my own theories and trying to work around what was going on, some parts of it yes involved command more than others but a lot of it was mistrust of the people around them and trying to work out what to do yourself and who you sided with

i have my own issues with the event but i most definitely got to interact with it and try to work out what was going on by sticking near people. certain individuals are always going to be the main centre point of events as well and typically shipside it’s going to be command roles

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Get over it. We have TONS of minor events that come up during the standard XvH rounds due to an admin gimmick, in round gameplay, or simply are RP related that don’t affect the other 100-120-140-160+ players depending how high the pop is and what the scope is.

If the event isn’t meant to affect the round - it isn’t meant to affect the round. Commander meeting events (quite often) fit that designation (along with a variety of other shipside events) and can exist where normal rounds happen. They don’t even happen often enough for there to be a real argument against it - beyond just whining about the premise of a minor event.

Now, if the entire op was in fact just basically a noncombat greenshift and a commander meeting event without any HvH or XvH going on later in the round (for example, as part of some event storyline) that’s another story.

I honestly think that rounds biggest problem was that you had to want to do it. A mysterie where you cant fully trust either XO nor CO and have to judge for yourself who to trust. Problem is, you dont had an insetive to RP. If you did the first step for the RP yourself its fun, but you need to do that on your own. Wich is a problem for those who arent the biggest RP players, and who wont seek out trying to RP on there own.

Im sure if the XO and CO didnt start to scream bloddy murder against each other from the get go it migth have gone better as well. Or at least if the round started more normal. Most players didnt know what to do. They just stumbeled around until they heard what was going on. If there was a plan for marines to, for exampel gather at brief for a speech by CO, and in the middel when all are gathered some event happens that makes people question the CO and/or XOs authority. That would be better. Because a lot of people would know from the start what was going on.

Also, i migth have helpd in making some players sit around by trying and making sure people dont start to fire figth and shoot each other. Migth have done that the wrong way. Sorry.

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Yes it was greenshift. Events that mainly effect shipside while groundside is fighting against xenos are completely fine to me but this was EVERYONE on the ship. All of groundside is on the ship.

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Minor (Major b/c CIC) events often require the random element of lower rank players to incite chaos, so oblige the idjits making CIC events by tossing a wrench in the whitelist fun. Incite a riot (not a mutiny due to RAW), murder non-USCM visitors, foment inter-squad rivalries to a boiling point, etc. Get “noted” or “warned” who cares? From WarFan’s resignation it’s clear that the “server base” isn’t considered.


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Big OOF indeed. Case closed.

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