Dreven#7845 - Discord Ban Appeal

Discord Ban Appeal - Dreven#7845

What is your Discord ID?

What is your BYOND key?

Total Ban Duration

Reason for Ban
You were warned in SS13: Colonial Marines Official for: Rule 1a, Rule 6b. Harassment/Toxicity/Bigotry. Permaban. User repeatedly insulted former Host, stating that in a month former Host would come back and demand to be Host again after leaving his wife. User further went on to joke about married women being banned from CM. -Grimreaperx15 Expires: Never - Dec 18 2022

Look I made some pretty schizo comments during that time, their seemed to be alot of jokes being made by alot of people and at the time I thought it’d be okay to join in (I was probably being a little edgier than most). Whether I was made an example of or not doesen’t really matter to the fact that I said some pretty mean spirited things, and for that I apologise. Hoping I can be let back in as it has been a few months now and would like to turn a new leaf over. Cheers, Drev


Appeal has been assigned to the discord team for review :slight_smile:


Hi! The discord team put their thoughts together and here’s what we think: while you have gone for a while, we don’t have anything proving that you have improved to why we placed your ban in the first place. Considering this certainly isn’t your first perma, we’d like to see you more active on the server showing you won’t make the same infractions again. Appeal is denied

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