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Discord Ban Appeal - drevengang

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You were warned in SS13: Colonial Marines Official for: Rule 1a, Rule 6b. Harassment/Toxicity/Bigotry. Permaban. User repeatedly insulted former Host, stating that in a month former Host would come back and demand to be Host again after leaving his wife. User further went on to joke about married women being banned from CM. -Grimreaperx15 Expires: Never - Dec 18 2022


It has been over 6 months since my last appeal and coming closer to a year since I was banned, in that time I have not once engaged in metacomming, ban evasion or any form of toxicity. I believe I had some good contributions to the game when I was around, I wrote the MP deployment laws, I proposed the blackmarket req stuff, I frequently would run RP based activities in the game that brought alot of good memories to players, such as the arenas and bars etc. I’ve changed alot as a person in that time, I don’t wish to partake in any kind of shit flinging activities with people who don’t like me for whatever reason (even if I wanted to I don’t have the time, I work fulltime in IRL requisitions), I really would just like to get back in touch with many of my friends in the community and get involved in a positive way again as I was before, for instance I was very interested in running a CM themed Only War TTRPG game if people were interested.

Alot of people have been unbanned after far more terrible crimes like actual cheating, although I know that does not make what I said right, I do think I have served more than an appropriate sentence for what I did, I do once again however apologise personally to Soldier and Grimreaper who did bear the brunt of my shitty attitude at that time.

Cheers, Dreven.


This appeal has been assigned to the discord team.

Hey Barry, roll the clip of Dreven trying to gaslight Grim into causing trouble for CM in Shep’s discord, where people actively used cheats.


Jamie this is from 2021. Over 2 years ago. Im pretty sure its a joke, I don’t even remember what this is about, but I know I never used cheats in CM. You can ask anyone from that discord I barely even hung around on the VC of it, this is an insane guilt by association pull from years ago. I’m sorry for being apart of a discord that like 30 other people were in (including many active staff members). I haven’t even talked to shep for like 18 months, and haven’t been involved in anything from that side of the community since.

I think its a bit insulting to Grim’s intelligence aswell to say Im “gaslighting” him, it just looks like were joking around about something??? I just don’t know why you’ve gone out of your way to dig up 30 month old chat logs here other than an attempt to poison the well and character assassinate based on entirely irrelevant information to the report, if this wasn’t the case why have you waited until now to post these? Why has this never been brought up before or had me questioned about it. If you policed everyone this hard based on comments they had made years and years ago then you certainly did not show it towards many of your own staff members or other people in the community, I just don’t know why this is relevant.

Cheaply accusing me of cheating when I never did is honestly unprofessional from you, you know everyone that was in that discord, why don’t you post the user list and see how many of them are still around and in the game? Or how many of them are active staff or developers, what about your own friend Emoney who was a big part of it? You can’t just accuse somebody of being a cheat because they shared a social space with someone who did. Its extremely hypocritical of you and completely wrong for you to try muddying the waters with, I believe it is violating the rules of feedback to bring up irrelevant information to the report and especially information that is 2 and a half years old which you have seemingly sat on until now, you are abusing your power as the old host of CM to break the conventions here and pursue a personal and frankly biased grudge against me, throwing around false accusations of a serious rule breach and post screenshots of some forgotten joke as “me gaslighting”.

I apologise for any actions i’ve done in the past that have slighted the staff, and I think my comments I made towards soldier that got me banned were pretty bad and it was deserved at the time. Its been 9 months since then, 30 months since this insane dig you’ve decided to do, i’ve had no issues with anyone since then and positively been apart of the game, i’ve done enjoyable RP rounds and brought a fun flair to the game that I think alot of the community will agree upon.


I was asked to post this and I am 99.9% retired from this game so I don’t really have an investment on what happens anymore.

I accept the apology but I am neutral on the unban process and have no bearing on it nor actually care to be honest, it’s not my decision.

Feel it explicitly should be mentioned here as I have been requested to give a piece, but for context this is a vouch.

I am a Senior Administrator for TGMC and Dreven is a frequent flyer on our Discord and in ingame, and he has been absolutely nothing but pleasant in every interaction we’ve ever had with him. He has stirred no drama nor nothing in any conversation, so when he asked if I could vouch for his behavior I was 100% on board. I don’t know anything about any drama posted above but I can say quite safely that on our side of the river he has not caused any issues.


Alright, so, after a discussion with Management, and Dreven himself, I’ve decided to lift this. I’ve spoken to Dreven regarding expectations here. Thank you to bowlofcereal, as that vouch was a significant deciding factor for me. I will also be announcing shortly on the Discord after this, but I am also putting it here for prosperities sake, that at least while I am Discord Manager, each person will only get one permaban lift, ever. If you appeal, it’s accepted, and you get permabanned a second time, that is it. I will not consider lifting it. Dreven is aware of this change and understands it.

Resolved - Accepted

Added appeal:approved and removed appeal:waiting