Dutch and Predator (OWLF integration)

currently the Dutch doesn’t do much as they only spawn via admin spawn (from what i heard). I have a cool idea that if a press sends a story about anything referring about 7ft humanoid looking alien that have advanced weaponry (predators) that are interfering to the Current USCM operation it would summon a ERT that have the Dutch and there would be an announcement about it like: “This is the Dutch we will be sending a Team of Mercenary that focuses to kill the humanoid-alien figure” or something like that. I dont really know about the Dutch and rarely see them in game. Give more suggestions about this.

people would purposefully send stories to call dutch ert and abuse it, as cool as it is, it wouldn’t end well. its why PMCs don’t get called every round because of the CL.


great idea, but sadly I can tell you already that I doubt it’ll be implemented.

The implementation of the OWLF is currently planned as far as I know, and it will have the role you’re describing here (with the minor change of them appearing when research gets the yautja corpse, instead of the pressman giving photos of one)

It’s far from finished so it’ll likely take both time and somebody to be willing to code all of it. Right now we only have the hoods and some sprites added in, I believe. (Adds in hoods + OWLF placeholder items by NewyearnewmeUwu · Pull Request #2877 · cmss13-devs/cmss13 · GitHub)


Both Fire and H20 are correct here. it would be abused and OWLF is on the way.

As people have said, OWLF™.

this also made me lose my shit laughing.

As it stands, bringing yautja corpses to research really only serves to legally griff the nerds in there.

dutch recently got a rework and are much stronger
they should simply be delegated to admin events and not be a freely spawned ERT

This is epic. I didnt even know this exist. I made this suggestion while im sleepy so this suggestion is kinda shit. Suggestion closed


we just need a contributor (or a maintainer? :sweat_smile:) that is enthusiastic enough to code all of that.

I believe we’re also missing gun sprites for them atm

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Closed on OP’s request.