Dynamic Mortar

Reduce mortar hang time when close to the target, and increase it when further to allow two main styles of mortar, one being an artillery battery 20 miles out, shelling the hell outta a set location, and one being at the front, carrying limited ammo but making those shots count.

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I think the idea of making the mortar a more dynamic weapon is cool, but most of the time mortar outside of the FOB is a noob trap. Cant get shells and you are very limited in the shells you do have, you are not protected from back liners and if the front falls you loose one of the marines most important peices of gear. Maybe a new smaller mortar that can be packed around easier but fires smaller shells?


great idea, I’d love to see it implemented to cater to a playstyle that I think could be super fun

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I think this is a better way to do it.

I’m not fond of the people who want to meme around with the mortar on the frontline; the type who like to have fun for themselves at the expense of other people’s enjoyment; because no, I don’t like you dying at the frontline with the critical sometimes game-changing fire support weapon for literally no gain for marines besides you personally having more fun that way. What an incredibly selfish attitude.

That’s my thoughts on frontline mortar anyway.

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i already bring the mortar to the frontline sometimes and I’ll say this

it’s incredibly agile, effective, and fun to use as is and i don’t think that it needs much more tweaking at all

maybe just directly buffing it and making the undeployment time faster? fluid frontlines can be a bit of a problem if you don’t have a keen eye out for the battle’s momentum, though i also feel like at the moment the mortar is powerful enough and a buff wouldn’t be very fair heh

(seeing people mald at a legitimate tactic is also funny to me, as mean as that is)

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Keaton is a monster with the mortar. Can confirm he has fragged very hard. I support this.