Early lifeboat evac

Early lifeboat evac is probably the most anti-climactic thing added to CM. Because you can now break through the last cades, and even touch the lifeboats, but the marines can just evac any time they want. So there is litterary no downsides with going for lifeboat, as you will ALWAYS survive.

And this is esspecially apparent now that marines “need” to do objectives to actually evac with the lifeboat, but all in all they can just ignore it.

and easy fix i can think of though, is that the lifeboats get the Challanger explosion happen to them if they early evac without going through atleast SOME of the prerquisites you have to do now. But make it a chance to happen, so it can atleast be used in a last ditch effort to survive.

you don’t really survive

you get flung down to the colony (which is still infested, and will kill you)

not to mention the fact the lifeboat already explodes partially and kills people if you do it too early

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You say this, but the only time forsaken gets played, is when you have 180+ players on. Otherwise the 40 marines who evaced has to fight maybe 10 forsaken T1s.

that alongside the xenoes who actually fought and died to get some glory shipside, gets the rug pulled underneath them.

Marines have giant FOB hold that lasts forever: People Complain.

Marines admit defeat, make the God Anointed Decision to end the round, evac at great personal risk to self and others: People Complain.

Early evac is one of the best things added to the worn out, played through, tired evac loop.

Xebos have taken over the ground. They’ve killed most of the marines. They won.

The marines made the chad decision to leave early so the poor PVT that died to FF while being gangbanged by a crusher and warrior 5 minutes after touching dirt can click the join as marine button after the server restarts.

Enjoy the victory and go spam LRC.

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Xeno salt is flowing again. You won the ground. Take the win.

I consider it as much of a win, if the hive can just tunnel off the map once you get there.


they’re stranded on a planet with a xeno infestation for weeks or months (probably forever if Vaughn actually did just set the Almayer up to get fucked lmao)

FWIW I’m likely changing it so you need to hit at least 50% fuel levels before you can attempt early launch. This gives more incentive to people to go out and actually attempt to hold side objectives.

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