Electrical Tweaks (P.A.C.M.A.N. Generators)

I would absolutely love to see the re-implementing of P.A.C.M.A.N. generators to provide power to either the whole wireless grid or individual devices (Tcoms comes to mind). I feel this would add an interesting aspect of groundside combat where you could spend the time, manpower, and risk to transport a packman generator to a piece of critical infrastructure. This would make things a bit more interesting than simply replacing bad cells occasionally and recharging them elsewhere. I also believe this method already has self limiting properties where the phoron on ship is used by several departments and the generators eat it fairly quickly which would prevent using it for the entire game as youd blow through fuel. Additionally, it is limited by how many generators people bother to find and put in place, i only know of so many on the ship and it would be a pain to replace them.

I would love to hear anyone elses take on the idea or even how it could be improved, i am sure it has issues that i am not aware of since i play 99% shipside.

i am pretty sure you can use generators to power things…you just have to hard wire it. i have tryed to do it before and it worked.

but that being said they may of changed it cuz when i did that it was like a year a go.
also its hard as hell to get it working how you want.

Generators already provide power to the wireless grid if setup. No need to use wires (Note: some Maps need multiple generators, like Trijent)

allow me to specify something, while i understand that the generators can currently feed into the wireless network, i was more asking for the ability to toggle between feeding the whole network OR feeding an individual machine/component while possibly skipping the APC