EMiiX - Player Report: Bogdan Gator, Rule 2: Roleplay, Rule 10: Escalation/Lethal force

EMiiX - Player Report: Bogdan Gator, Rule 2: Roleplay, Rule 10: Escalation/Lethal force

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Emiix Aegadan

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Accused character name:

Bogdan Gator

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 2: Roleplay, Rule 10: Escalation/Lethal force

Description of the incident:

During this round, before first drop, we got someone being marked for arrest.
We all dispatch to the Alamo to assist with the arrest. Even the CO if i recall correctly, came to watch and witness it, staying in the hangar, outside the Alamo.

We told the marine to come out peacefully, at witch it appears he agree to step out and come with us, it is then when everyone got up, causing major interference with the arrest, dragging him back inside, knocking us, undressing… yadayada, the usual pre-drop riot moment against MP’s, and many people involved in that, however, the case of this report is the actual PO.
They were actively joining the riot, yelling at us, and myself to leave, even when i’m actively being stunned, knocked down, or trying to get one of them arrested. While doing this, he was holding a m39 smg on their hands. They were actively shuffling me, and rioting with the marines, and i was unable to leave even if i wanted, being knocked down, and marines grabbing me and dragging me further inside closer to the cockpit aswell. It is then when out of nowhere, he decided to open fire on me for no reason at all, when no one had used any lethal gun prior to this, nor he was in danger.

I tried to quick draw my taser, when able to, cause i was being shoved and all, and now being shot at by the PO. I failed to grab the taser, and may have knifed them back once, because at the exact moment i tried to quick draw my taser, some other marine took my uniform off, fully undressing me, causing me at that moment to draw the only thing i was wearing left, the knife on my boots. I quickly realized this after hitting them once, and put the knife away, even tho i was being fired at with lethals, it was not my intention to use any lethals methods back, and attempt to grab back some of my non-lethal tools from my belt and stuff that dropped on the ground from being undressed by other marines.

Could manage to get on the cockpit, buckle and cuff them, while bleeding and blinking in red with organ failure. Some medics came back inside, and did some first aid so i dont pass out on my way back to the Almayer.

He was complaining that we flasbang while he was piloting, so that was “Lethal”, while he was not even piloting, and even stated someone launched the dropship. And they were outside the cockpit, joining the riot, and escalating to lethals.

I believe this are two clear rule breaches, specially as a PO officer, joining the early round shenanigans because an arrest is being made, and escalating to attempt murder of an MP. I ahelped it during the round but my ahelp got no response since there was no admins online at the moment.


Logs may need to be pulled if necessary, i did not record the round, and i had to go get surgery and grab some of my stuff back before heading back to the brig, an SO was handling his appeal, while i joined to explain my version of what happened and round ending very shortly after. I had to refresh/fix my chat on server restart so i couldn’t scroll back in the chat of the previous round.


Hey, I was the CMP this round, Mark Levine. The PO, while Perma brigged, was saying that it was “his ship” and he told MP “12 times” to get off.

However, as in the aforementioned report, MP and the original wanted person were unable to get out due to the body blocking, shoving, etc. The CO made an announcement saying something to the effect of letting MP do their job. To no one’s surprise, the marines ignored that. After some time, the Alamo departed with the MW and a MP aboard. While in-flight, the CO made another announcement roughly saying “not to lay a finger on MP or their careers are over”. This is the point where the PO murdered the MP.

Back in the Perma brig, we were chatting in LOOC and asking whether it not he really believes he was in the right. If I remember correctly, he said that the MP were abusing their flashes and causing blindness. He used that and the fact he told MP multiple times to get off as justification to kill the MP.

After this, I was chatting with MP Grant Thomas in LOOC and he was saying that this guy has said questionable things in regards to animals before and has previously caused issues. This is just hearsay though.

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Heya! This player has received a permanent ban for unrelated reasons. So I’ll just let you guys know that and close this report.

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