End of Round Stats

We should get rid of them. They don’t help the game in any way and incentivize gameplay that we don’t want to encourage. Replace it with a fun fact of the round or something. We want to bring the roleplay on the server up, not promote the more gamey and mechanical aspects of it.

Anything that shows kills or a number kills rp because it shows something to beat and game as much as possible. The good thing with funfact is that it is somewhat random, someone could kill 7 xenos and not get a fun fact and lose it to the lucky pfc that got 3.


Just show off support facts like revives, health healed, organs fixed, etc

Like these old fun facts?

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Yep! Exactly like those. If we value roleplay like we say we do, we should not be giving any unnecessary incentives for players to try and “win”.

i feel like removing the fun facts might help a liiittle? but the fact of the matter is it still won’t do much to encourage the RP because the gamey people will still be showing off their kills in LRC or talking about how many they have regardless of if the whole server knows (they’re going to know anyways when they post their MLG dubstep shit montage in last round chat or something)

this still incentivizes combat
doing more to incentivize roleplay rather than trying to hide how well people do in-game is a better idea, i think. having both would be ideal!


I think being realistic the fun facts dont help or harm RP, the players who want to get a high killcount always will, I dont care about funfacts but I try and kill every xeno that enters my screen. I think proper RP incentives are a little unrealistic sadly, the server is TDM based and when you get RP its just a nice little bonus IMO. Although its my honest opinion CM is like 20RP/80TDM at a good moment.

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I don’t know how easy it would be to code in, but some squad based fun facts could be more fun for everyone and may increase squad cohesion. Maybe something along the lines of squad with minimum casualties or something silly like squad that shouted the most warcries.

For xenos I’m not so sure since they are not really good for RP and are kinda limited in sillier options. You could go boring with most hive walls built or number of set off traps. Maybe the xeno who roared the most?

Fun facts are fun.

They exist as cool little anecdotes to what went on in the round. Removing them isnt going to encourage RP, its going to remove a cool thing that folks like to laugh about and look at.

Id say very few folks are going to stop trying to “win” just because they removed the funny facts.

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It’s not random, it always shows the most kills.

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End of round stats is funny thing. It satisfies my autistic needs, which is why I love this thing.


End of Round is fine as it is.

Its a thing that improves your mood at the end of the round if you get on the round end fact stats

I actually wish you would get a personalized fun fact at the end. You took X steps, you ate the equivalent of X MRE chicken breasts. Nothing like Kill/Death or stuff like that but things that are just funny.

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Hard disagree, I like combat - it’s quite nice to be in the end round stats once in a while. The behaviour some people have mentioned about medics letting people die to defib them and be in the end round stats is the exception and not the norm.

Also Marines and Xenos don’t RP with each other anyway, they kill eachother.

I’d really like to see the revival stat removed at the very least. There are specific medic players who pretty much exist to farm this stat. They’ll drag corpses away from you, they’ll run up right as you’re finishing applying chems to a greenline corpse just to take the defib. It’s really dumb.


I’d like it more if it only told your kills on both sides and maybe bullets fired for Marines and time alive as a xenomorph.

Agreed, removing the fun facts aren’t going to bring up RP standards in any meaningful way.

Personally, I don’t really notice the damage taken & kills fun facts as being a significant detriment in any way (I mean, let’s be real. Half the time the fun fact just shows how badly the SO fucked up that OB, which is hilarious.).

However, the reviving one irks me, since I’ve noticed a few medics farming dead marines for revives or yeah- dragging away other people’s patients to get the defib. Whereas marines who rush in to murder xenos would’ve done it anyways (and yes, those guys existed before stats, and will continue exist no matter what.), the revive fun fact is unique in that it actually incentivises behaviour I hadn’t seen before it’s introduction. Seems like the good medics still get shown most of the time though, since those asshats tend to be awful at their job anyways.


It’s a PvP game at its core with one side having little RP potential. I highly doubt fun-fact is actively contributing to certain playstyles, people are going to focus kills/killsteal(?) regardless. If people are stealing patients/letting patients die, then it should be a reportable OOC issue.

The bottom line is not that players shouldn’t be allowed to play for the TDM aspect and not the roleplay aspect, but the server should not PROMOTE low-roleplay behavior.

100% agree. I understand why people are concerned about the game becoming too TDM-oriented, but that also doesn’t mean we should be actively shitting on people who want to play the game as a TDM. CMSS13 is beautiful because it’s essentially 3 to 4 games playing all at once, and yet each game actively influences each other in meaningful ways. We shouldn’t be trying to destroy these other ways to play, but rather, embrace them.