Experimental xeno tackle changes' tackles numbers

#4583 has been revived by Staykeu (now PR #5712) and the code is a bit vague on how xeno tackles will be effected, so tested on a private server and made a spreadsheet on xeno tackle chances depending on marines’ hp.

updated the graph to have better color coding


Sentinel is 4-5 now :sob: Literally so useless it can’t even cap solo marines anymore!!! Sentinelcord users leaving en masse as we speak


Defender looking good at tackling. Rip to the 2 tap tackle drone.

Need the lesser drone numbers to see if you can cap with them now.

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probably still is fine with tail jab/slash due to pain incapacitation

Lesser Drone is 4-6.
So not possible to solo cap with even if a marine was injured. (edit: actually might be possible if you roll high on the stun duration, not 100% sure
edit again: Ok I tested it, you can kind of just barely devour someone if you get good RNG and they are at 80% damage, but you have to tackle stun, grab, tackle stun, devour, and each tackle stun is a 50/50 on lasting long enough)
Is still decent at helping others secure caps though, like I managed to help a runner cap someone while I was lesser drone.

Keep in mind that different castes have different tackle strength values which determines how long the tackle stun lasts for. A defender might be able to tackle someone down easily but they might just stand up before you can devour them. Drones are great because their tackle stuns last longer.

Also this image is wrong for lurker, it should be 4-6 not 3-6.

If the numbers were a little different I would see this as a great change so you have a better idea of if you can actually cap a marine or not, and marines will be more incentivized to actually heal up and not just pop oxy.
As it stands its just another nerf to xenos ability to capture, and with the larva changes, i see it as a pretty big nerf.

Necroing this thread back to life now that Reopens #4583 (Experimental Tackle Changes) by Staykeu · Pull Request #5712 · cmss13-devs/cmss13 · GitHub exists.


  • impossible for lurker to solocap even at 80 damage due to min tackles 3 + lurker having slow attackspeed

  • runner/drone CAN still solo devour, but it requires you to get EVERY tackle the moment you are able to (along with getting lucky with tackle strength), missing a single one results in you getting PB’d and dying at full hp.

  • even at 3 tackles, warrior cannot devour a marine alone, this is due to devour and grab “using up” a tackle, meaning that a marine will be able to move out of a grab, with the only way around this being to LUNGE a marine at 80% hp to both stun and grab.

  • Sentinel’s “neuro slash combo” no longer works against marines at 81 =+ HP, meaning that you will get buckshot to the face and die if you try it.


It do be a team work based game. Beagle has been trying to take it in that direction.


Removing most of the xenoes ability to cap solo is gonna be fun to watch. And probably make it so a lot less marines get capped in general.

But I guess we gotta see how it goes.

I feel like this could be paired well with something like TGMC’s ability for xenos to see marine pain (functions as a psuedo-healthbar) or just a better way of xenos being able to understand marine pain/damage outside of exposed skin but overall this change is still something I’d like to see

I mean, currently all you got is how slow they are, and how bloody they are. But it dosn’t matter too much as they can look/move that way if they are full health or -40% health.

probably gonna see queens deovi a lot more often because it’ll be 00:40 and there’ll be like 2 caps total.

The thing I dislike most about the PR is the nerf to minimum tackles, making all drone castes need at least 3 to down a marine is really annoying, especially seeing how drones, warriors, and runners are the “capping” castes and they all get hit hardest by the change.


I think we can all agree that clicking on an otherwise perfectly healthy marine twice and ending their round is the dumbest fucking CM mechanic. Hard to justify imo. Don’t @ me


Honestly this PR is awesome. I love it.

It reinforces team play and actually gets Xenos to work together.

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Except it’s not, if any of your teammates nearby had any kind of stuns (or just DPS check the drone, it’s not hard), and marines DO have them, a drone solocap would be basically impossible. Y u lone.

I’d say it hurts team play, honestly. You do not slash somebody you want to cap, if you do that it’s impossible for anybody else to tell if you’re killing them or capping them, and you either have to stop fighting to tell every new arrival “hello good chap we’re trying to capture this fellow” to make sure they don’t decap them while you’re trying to get them to the health with the lowest tackle count.
I also don’t think capping needed a nerf (see reply to @tmccoy), and while I love the idea of removing the RNG from tackles this PR and it’s predecessor(s?) just piled on a bunch of other shit that wasn’t necessary at all.


Why should you literally be able to sprite click someone two times and they are fucked? How can you possibly justify that? That shit shouldn’t be fun for either side

Look I may just not know enough about it. Is the concept of tackling unique to CM or just a space station 13 thing? This is the only game I’ve ever played on BYOND so this is my only experience with it. It just seems to me that tackling is such a flawed mechanic and just plain un fun. If It’s not unique to CM and just a trademark of space station then while dumb, I’d atleast get it.

Bro has not heard of buckshot PB instagibbing runners (which you cannot be saved from by your teammates, unlike capping, which you can save from with slugs, grenades, strategic flamethrower use, DPS checking the xeno, buckshot, strategic mine placement, chasing, etc.)


That’s runners. Kinda expected.

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