Favorite Battlemech

It may not come as a surprise to some on you I enjoy Tex of the Black pants Legions content. He was the reason I got into Space Station 13. He also rekindled my love for Battletech. So, I want to know all of your favorite mechs. I will start out. Mine is the Atlas. I loved the spooky faced giant stompy robot. We do not respect clanners in this thread. Remember Tukayyid. Get Fochted clanners and always pay your bills. @WestRover Get on this thread.


There are multiple mechs i enjoy, The atlas is a basic white bitch mech, but she is a good one and i can’t complain about it.

We will start with the Mech that got me into BattleTech, the mech that in my opinion is PEAK MechWarrior design. I will not bore with specifics or why it is good simply look at the cool fucking mech

This thing acts a command and control center, basically this assault mech is deployed with a squadron of other light mechs, it has advanced sensors giving it a wider range for detection that most other mechs of that era, It also was very very versatile, in cm terms this is the CIC if the CIC was the M41A if that M41 shot high power lasers, Gau and missiles.

This other mech by god is it one of the Mechs of all time
the Highlander
This is a defender basically, but with big fuck off missiles possibly one of the best defenders there is, she is a tanky cunt and can take multiple beatings before letting up, she is also extremly mobile compared to most other mechs with defense in mind, makingher valid for combat outside of base defense

The last mech of mine that i will list is the stalker.

what can i say that is not been said already, she is just a fucking good mech and good design

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I’ve been having fun running with an Archer and a pair of centurions. Not the best lance, but it’s amusing to nuke things from so far away with a hurricane of missiles.

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The only mini I’ve ever painted is a rifleman. It just looks baller

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Protocol 3: Protect the Pilot

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I’m personally a fan of the Kit Fox, especially as it is depicted in MWO as a heavier light. It fills a support role nicely and is still a very capable threat.

I need to play more MWO… guh.

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Marauder Series
And the Raven
What can i say, i love my PPCs!!!

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These guys were pretty cool ngl (I do not know anything about battletech).

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archer LRM fans rise up

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@Cassie451. My man I am signing you up for a Warhammer. Thank me later. Remember Claners bad.

All solid picks. Highland burial is a move of legend. Remember Last Stand of the Black Watch - Original Song - ft. CraicC21 - YouTube

Excellent post and amazing videos. Get Fochted and pay your bills.


UM-R60 with 73 front CT and an AC/20. It’s all fun and games ignoring the trash till it waddles on over and hits you square in the cockpit.

Urbie with the AC/20 coring an Assault Mech is a glorious thing.