Final Xeno gets told to fight - less stalling, more fighting

upon becoming the final surviving (non lesser, non facehugger) xeno, they should be:

  • notified that they are the last xeno, maybe a QM message or something
  • healed to full, gain a small shield
  • if a slow caste, get a small speed up to move at least as fast as a marine
  • get WO rule of being UNABLE TO REST or regenerate health from weeds
  • told to fight until they perish.
  • lose 1 hp per second (something something hivemind collapse destroying the body) to discourage running/put limits on their imminent rampage
  • if final xeno is a queen, be unable to ovi/kicked off of ovi, but immediately gain maturity if you’re young.

I want to see the final xeno fighting marines instead of running around and avoiding all fights until an admin abombs them or they run into a flamer turret. no more resting means less delays and more fighting, the health loss over time so that they can’t sit in corners.

maybe also have admins trigger it if they see there’s only 1-3 xenos left alive and all of them are stalling (I remember a round on LV where 2 burrowers stalled for at least 10 minutes).

Morrow Checklist
Does it feel good to use? - I’d hope so
Does it feel good to play against? - marines get to fight the final xeno instead of it just running around untilt it walks into a flame trap
Does it affect other systems? - don’t think so?

Does it increase immersion? - no
Does it increase communication/interaction between players? - marines need to stick together otherwise they’re more likely to die to the fully healed xeno.

Does it fit in the CM universe aesthetically? - no
Does it fit in the lore of CM? - no
Does it make sense “realistically” - no

I just want rounded to be a bit faster.


They should be able to evolve into any caste and they get a permanent pheromone boost. Till the duration of their life or another xeno appears. This is so the xeno player gets motivated to fight and becomes an actual threat to marines that have to defeat it

If the force disparity is too much, like 100 marines vs 1 xeno; I think the round should just end. You’ll still have your ~5 minutes or so of post-game whatever, but there’s no reason to have the round going another 15 minutes when the force difference is so huge.

I’d support a mechanic where the last xeno is given a chance to evolve to a special strain to end the round.

Call it the ‘Vengence’ strain. Its a Lurker. No cloak, more health and damage output, faster, can only regen health from attacks. Once evolved no further xenos can be born. Speeds up the match and makes the final fight a little more interesting.

A lurker with no cloak, more health, damage, and can only regen from attacks sounds like it could be a version of the vampire strain. Maybe a little bit slower to compensate for the higher health.

Would be easier. Might be a bit “gamey” but it’d encourage the last xeno to get the round over with but also give them the ability to make it more of a challenge.

Furthering this, just in general having a caste superbuffed if they are the final xeno makes sense (unless they are able to evolve to queen). Like you’re given tons of health, abilties/damage, and a time limit (so that people don’t solo carry games as last xeno lol) and are like a final boss for marines to face + a fun spectacle for the ghosts.

It’d be more interesting then the current way things go