FlamingCanuck - Staff Report: Violation of Event Protocols - Unknown

FlamingCanuck - Staff Report: Violation of Event Protocols - Unknown

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Violation of Event Protocols

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this round was a faction clash/‘ship siege’ round that started out fine but quickly built up 120 ghosts with the insufficient amount of ERT spawns, but that’s not my major complaint

my complaint lies in that the event runner spawned at LEAST 11 (ELEVEN) additional USCM squad specialists, naturally they all went scout. by some reports it wasn’t just eight specs but upwards of 20+. I am VERY interested to know how many specialists the event runner actually spawned and maybe their explanation of that number.

to my knowledge kommandos were spawned but not more than 3 that I saw.
I get it event running is hard, probably thankless, and all people do is bitch and moan and never actually give decent criticism.
But I have zero idea how the event runner thought that everyone would be happy with 15+ specialists vs. regular UPP and maybe a pair of kommandos here or there.


logs of 21297!

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Denied - Events are ran at the sole discretion of the event runner. Spawning too many USCM Specs is not a rule that one can be staff reported for.


Added report:denied and removed report:pendinglogs