Flares as signals in the sky.

It would be cool if you could fire a flare up to the sky and the words appear:

“You see a bright red light coming from LZ2 Robotics Sky!”

Or, if you use the signal flare it would be a bright green light.

  • Only useable in open or glass tiles.
  • Only Visible in open or glass tiles.
  • They just sends these messages. Nothing more.
  • Both sides get the same message.

Signal that the FOB is underattack.
Signal that a Squad need help.
Signal for help.
Signal that a marine is in position. Maybe a flank.

Any meaning a marine can previously convey to another.

Multiple flares at the same place should x2-x3-x4 like normal messages do.


Only thing I would be worried about is Ungas spamming them, but if you give it a cool down and some time for people to forget about the feature it’d probably be fine.

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If I recall correctly, this is already a thing.

Using the unique action I believe, you can shoot flares into the sky if its an open tile or a glass ceiling. Works with CAS flares too I think.

But in this case, adding flare/additional mechanics to the flare gun would be cool.

I mean we already have telephone backpacks.
Ungas do abuse them with prank calls but it gets old fast.

It would be really cool to be able to actually use them to signal for help or other things. As long as there’s something to prevent spamming them, I’m down for it. More accessible than radio packs, good way to signal distress when the comms are out


if you make it a SL tool or somehow limit it to TLs it could be a great leadership tool

This is already a thing, your rigth. Only that it just kinda wastes a flare and nothing more. Havent found out what its usefull for yet.

CAS flares work as intended on the sky but aren’t meltable.
Regular flares gives light again as intended (It was bugged for a while)

My addition would be only the red text to warn everyone around about a red flare used “In LZ2 Robotics” while comms are down.

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