Fleshing out the CLF

I’ve wanted to see the CLF better fleshed out for a long time. I think they could be a fun counterpart to the Colonial Marines and the UPP in the way that they’re not a unified military force. The CLF can be anything from rogue military elements, frontier militia, to ex-law enforcement that took up the CLF mantle. With that in mind, they’re designed in this post to play and feel different from the Marines. They’ll still have a general squad make up, but the roles will be slightly different and their equipment and guns will less like a carefully considered set that fills different roles and more like a grab bag of milsurp guns, civilian arms, and anything they can jerry rig.

I’d have the CLF squad be structured like this.
Squad Lead
-Has armor comparable to marine medium
-Has access to better weapons
-Has a crate of IEDs/fire bombs to pass out
-Maybe has access to custom CLF commands? Maybe they could buff their squad with a short period of increased fire rate
so they can magdump an area?

-The CLF’s version of the specialist would have better weapons than normal, but still nothing quite on par with what actual Marine specialists use. As an example, CLF shouldn’t have smart weapons normally. Maybe this guy could have an assault rifle that’s been jerry rigged to work with a smartscope? Other ideas I had are things like a chemical sprayer/flamethrower that’s dependent on a backpack slot tank for it to fire or a flechette rifle that eats through armor.

-2 per squad
-Same general gear as regular CLF only they have the MAR-40 LMG

I think these guys would be decent at locking down an area considering the LMG can take some pretty good attachments. Slap a bipod and a miniscope on these and they’re good at covering an area. I’d add a custom rail attachment for the LMG, make it one of those upper lug handles you see on some LMGs, it would make the LMG slow the user down less when wielded and maybe give a small handling/accuracy boost.

-Has access to the MAR-40 line of weapons except for the LMG
-Same with the squad lead, they’d have armor comparable to marine medium
-Basically the closest you can get to a CM PFC
These guys would be limited per squad. They would represent the smaller percentage of CLF that actually have some degree training be it military, law enforcement, militia, etc. More or less the most easy to understand and play similarly to the standard CM PFC.

-Same as CM medics, but with CLF gear

-Just like the medic, they have all the same basic equipment as their CM counterparts.
-Maybe let them buy fun stuff like breaching charges that also set things on fire in the explosion cone?

-Does not begin with access to the MAR-40s
-Standard crap CLF hauberk armor
-The armor is crap, but it doesn’t slow you down much so you can move pretty fast.
-Only squad role that isn’t limited
-Access to most civilian/survivor weapons
-Can somewhat cover most roles with their access to shotguns, hunting rifles, and smgs.

These would represent the average untrained CLF combatant that has to make due with outdated or civilian weapons. While the primary weapon of the colonial marines is the pulse rifle, I think these guys should depend primarily on an SMG. This would pair well with their high movement speed and make them play differently to the regular pfc. That being said, we’ve all played these guys in an ERT role and seen how fast they get stomped, and while from a roleplay perspective, I like the idea of them being weaker than most soldiers, I know it’s not super fun to just get wiped out. Which leads me to the points/vendor system.

So just like how PFCs have 45 points to spend on gear, CLF fighters would as well. In no particular order and not always with suggested point costs:

Shotgun derringer kit
-Comes with a 2 tap shotgun derringer in 20 gauge and a pouch holster
-Good for surprising a bug or marine at close range
-Not sure how expensive this one should be because of how powerful it could end up being

Armor upgrade - 30 to 45 points?
-Basically marine medium armor

MAC-15 pouch - 15 points
The MAC-10 is one of the worst “primary” weapons in the game because it takes up just as much space as a full sized gun while not having
nearly enough power to justify itself. So this would take it from being a crap primary to a great side arm.

Just a big hand cannon

MAR-40 kit - 30 to 45 points?
-Standard MAR-40
-Comes with a couple of extended magazines for your trouble

Hummingbird Pistol - 5 to 10 points?
-Exact same pistol as the one marines can get from their items tab on their character profile

M16-kit - 20 to 25 points?
-Not a bad weapon all in all, but the magazine size is a bit small at only 20 rounds per magazine.
-Something to consider, unlike the marines who all run around with guns that share the same ammo, this one can’t transfer ammo
from the MAR-40’s magazines to fill it’s own. So depending on how many take it, you may or may not find it easier to restock in the field.
-That being said, unlike marine kit weapons, the m-16(and MAR-40 of course) should have plenty of ammo stocked in the regular weapon/ammo vendors as
the balancing factor is that they’re paying for basic weaponry.

Generic pouches
There’s nothing high tech about bigger bags to hold your stuff. CLF should be able to use their points for all the expected pouches just like marines.

Standard Weapons

Basira-Armstrong Rifle
HG 37-12 Pump Shotgun
Double Barrel Shotgun
Beretta 92FS Pistol
Holdout pistol

Standard Armor
CLF hauberk
CLF Heavy armor
-This would be comparable to marine medium, but slow you down quite a bit. Where as marine armor is made out of high quality materials, this would
protect you via the sheer redundancy of having lots of kevlar and plating and such.

I’ll be adding more to this later.


CLF armour are all the same values as medium marine armour except they move faster than light and have 5 less bullet protection. Most CLF roles actually already mostly start out with the things you’ve described.

we already have a CLF squad comp, it’s the CLF ERT you see during hijack.

What about a CLF deathsquad.

A militia does not have deathsquads.

Lean them into being sneaky, give them cloaks, sabotage tools, explosives, light armor, that sort of thing.

On being sneaky, probaly not a thing for normal rounds but what’s about adding some field of view system to marines, allowing CLF to ambush them from behind if nobody’s watching or sneak past the frontline or something?

Personally, I’d give them a new uniform type for jungle warfare, full green people also remove they’re presence on health and security huds for enemy’s.


Change the outfit to match the planet, currently the only CLF uniform is olive drab which works well on LV-624 but doesn’t work well on any other map my idea is we give them uniforms and armour based on the map.

For Solaris ridge and and Trijent Dam the CLF survivor should be dressed as a miner as it’s implied a riot of some kind broke out between the miners and the researchers and security.

For Kutjevo have the CLF survivor dressed in old colony administration uniforms to show that they are colonists still angry about the hostile takeover of their colony in 2162.

For Soro and the rest of the snow maps have them dressed in armoured winter coats and balaclavas due to the snow.

And maybe also revamp LV-624’s CLF so that they blend in with the trees more.


sadly they are too poor, only their CLF cell commander has a smartgun

One thing you could give them is giving them all bootleg NVGs. It would essentially give them flashlight levels of light, but only the ones with those very same NVGs can see. Makes them rely on darkness, but dosn’t make it OP as all hell.

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True, but that doesn’t necessarily translate well into making them more of a playable faction. ERT clf is designed to be ERT. I’d like to see a version of the CLF that can be played in an event round like a normal faction.

The difference between an ERT and any other squad is quite literally nothing, ERTs have no special responsibilities or challenges besides maybe needing a crowbar (which a lot of ERT members don’t have).

UPP ERT is what we get in HvH, albeit mirrored in numbers and with some docs and stuff. Otherwise is practicly the same.

Only thing i would add is more civilian clothing they can disguise in.

The sad truth is the CLF are a survivor role or an ERT role and most of the guns that are CLF use are fucking GAMER weapons and having people spawn with those and skills makes xenos cry. It just won’t happen, and the issue with CLF is that 90% of the players would rather sit in a locker for 2 - 3 minutes of gunfighting rather than attempt any sort of rambo suicide mission with the intent of RPing to give dchat a show cuz chatting with marines as CLF gets you domed by a less friendlier, better geared marine.

I think most of the CLF stuff is pretty tame. The things that aren’t are like the M60 or FP9000, and I would have those be pretty rare, like the REQ weapon kits, but even less available. Aside from that, in my idea of the CLF would be running around with a mixture of rifles they had to use points for, survivor level SMGs, and civilian shotguns(which are shit aside from double barrels.). This is a part of the reason why I’d like to see their “event?” version changed. So not every squad has an M60 bad ass gunning everything down.

My idea was always to have the SGs be replaced with Mar50s, and then have weaker versions of the specs in SADAR/DEMO and some mar30/40 troopers and very few FP9000s because the AP damage on those is fucking GOAT tier, shredd defenders good.

Still think the CLF specialist should have spare rockets and all CLF spawn with a boot knife cause who sends a CLF fireteam to fight but doesn’t give them something to remove shrapnel with.

uhhhhhhhhhhh skills. even a gueriilla can insta-use injectors/has at least construction 1. I got no clue for higher ranking commie libtardation fronts but I bet they can surgery/decon like a MT

I’m unsure if he can use C4 currently, the last time I fragged an engie I couldn’t and that bummed me out, I was planning to take the engies turret and blow a hole into the walled FOB and then bait them out into turret but I couldnt use c4 back then.