FOBallad & APComposition

If yer lookin’ fer me,

Don’t be headin’ to the frontlines,

Cuz I’m a bravo

And the only place for me


Safe inside the FOB

If you hear a fellow man a-fightin’,

I’ll tell you just what I’d do,

Make like yer yella and run the otherway

Cause I’m a bravo and the only place for me

Is safe inside the FOB

[Harmonica Solo]

It’s 12:25

And briefing is over

And I’m lookin’ around

I see the smartgunner and the spec

They’re both

They’re both runnin’ off to the frontline

And hell

There’s like ten or fifteen PFCs

Ten hell twenty PVTs

And ain’t none of them workin’ on the forward operatin’ base

Ain’t none of them workin’ on the forward operatin’ base

And now there’s a warrior

I’m tryna build the cades around here

Fuck he punched me in the face

And I scream for help

And the SL saves me

And the engie comes a-runnin’

But there’s just one little problem

There’s no medic in the FOB

I’m a dead bravo in the FOB

It ain’t even a half finished FOB

I’m a bravo in the FOB

Before you embark down that empty road,

I recommend you check out to your left and your right,

That big ole fella over there, yeah that big ole fella over there,

That’s the armored personnel carrier

That old thing don’t look tough

I don’t think you taught me enough

So I look left and to my right

I swear that thing’s good in a fight,

Well I’m glad you checked your left

And I’m glad you looked to your right

But I gotta tell you that driver ain’t right

In their head? Their head ain’t right

Check on to your left then you gotta look on right

And then you gotta ask, is she alright? Is she alright?

[Harmonica solo]

She ain’t doing alright

She’s not feelin’ uptight

Her wheels ain’t fittin’ right