Follow-up on the sentinel rework

Having been the one to rework them, while I don’t regret it and think they’re in a far better place now than with the old braindead 1 ability stunlock kit, I believe they’re underperforming as t1s. Some of these issues were apparent shortly after the rework, but went unfixed since I didn’t wanna deal with the MR hell of that time. So might aswell do it now, thankfully some changes to the game since then (tailstab, reworked neuro clouds) helped inspire the solutions below.

1. Design overview and issues
The initial design goal was to turn the lil annoying bodyblocker into an offensive support caste with strong abilities for a t1 - but unable to make good use of them by itself, thus heavily reliant on teamwork.
In practice they became

  • too reliant on others

they struggle in 1v1 situations far more than any other t1 caste

  • often unable to make an effective/satisfactory use of their kit

see “Hibernate” explanation

worsened by changes overtime (SGs) and current meta (marine defensive play) which lead to them being generally unpopular and only slightly more impactful for the xeno team than they used to be before the rework.

2. New abilities:

  • Hibernate - causes the sent to enter a forced 5-10 second sleep (forces it into resting until it’s done) during which it’s health would be restored to full. Useable only on weeds. Light green glow outline as an indicator. 30-45s cooldown

Their entire kit is about supporting and working with other caste, which requires them walking out with bulkier t3s and leads to them eating a ton of bullets that they’re ill-suited to tank. Compounded with said teamwork often being unreliable (either because there were too many bullets and the sent had to fall back unable to follow the t3, or the players just didn’t mesh very well etc) and their slow healing it can be frustrating to play when on such a bad streak of achieving nothing and having to rest. Therefore the mentioned ability, to mitigate the downtime and better allow it to actually support the tankier frontline xenos without having to take ages to heal inbetween.
Also considering sentinels are supposed to guard the hive I think it’s cool and fitting to have an ability centered on hibernating somewhere.

  • Neuro grenade - a grenade that releases a 3x3 neuro cloud after a 2-3s delay. 3-5s duration, 20-45s cd

Pretty much the old oppressor grenade. Addresses the kit being slightly lacking in comparison to other t1s, especially drone as a fellow support. Gives it something to do during sieges aswell as makes it more useful for chokes, where t1s generally tend to struggle to find a spot to do anything.
Rather uninspired though, all ears if someone has a better idea - has to be a debuff/support thing that can be used for sieges though.

3. Existing abilities:

  • Paralyzing slash - merge into tailstab as caste unique effect. Possibly remove base tailstab effects if conflicting. Reduce the timer before knockdown from 4 to 3s.

Making space for an extra ability and better indication for both sides since the stab has audio. The timer is way too forgiving for marines, they should have less leeway to run before it knocks them out. Worth noting it messes their combo somewhat, making it a bit harder to apply the slash due to tailstab windup but shouldn’t be a big deal.

  • Neuro spit - raise the slow duration from 2.5 to 3-4s. Make it apply marks similar to dancer which cause scatterspit to stun these affected for slightly longer - from 0.7 to 1-1.2?

Le skill ceiling and rewards for playing well. Though im not sure if this is necessary.

  • Scatter spit - Raise upper accuracy variable by a tier, lower remains the same.

Self explanatory. Not really necessary but I think it misses a little too much as-is and can often lead to the sent just dying if super unlucky.

4. Base stats:

  • Speed - From tier 7 to 8

Would result in the same speed a decloaked lurker has. The goal is to let and encourage them to support backliners.

  • Tackle - from 4 to 3

Should help making them closer to drones in 1v1s. Most importantly addresses the paralyzing slash interaction - currently the window to tackle successfully is extremely tight, you’d have to start tackling the moment the marine falls down. This results in average player being entirely unable to chain these two abilities properly and even in the cases where he played good and should be winning a 1v1, the marine still comes out on top because the sent didn’t play perfectly - balance for 1% bad.
Unsure if this should be handled via tackle count reduc or attack speed increase though, but I think 3’s a fine number for supports.

5. Conclusion

While im worried about the speed and tackle changes making it too good in 1v1s, I think it’s worth testing, better to overbuff a bit rather than repeat current state and it’s not like they’ll match defender supremacy anyway. Everything else im pretty certain won’t cause issues, just a matter of actually testing and working out the numbers.
As for actually coding it - most of it’s already in game in some form so shouldn’t be much of an issue. Can probably work it out myself if no one else’s up for it, but would rather not as what would be 15 minutes for the average coder would probably take me a few hours of monkeying how its done elsewhere. Though hibernate’s an exception as I doubt I can figure that one out.


I am not a xeno main, but most of my xeno playtime is as Spitter or Preatorian, ergo I do end up playing a lot of Sentinel so I can give you a perspective of a semi-casual player.

Hibernate - Sents do feel squishy so some long cooldown ability to heal rapidly would be a nice buff. Though I’d make sure the CD time is long enough to ensure Marines don’t feel the Sent is unnecessarily strong. The 10 or so second stun to heal feels fair since that leaves you hyper vulnerable.

Neuro Grenade - Seems fine, as you said gives the sent something to do during a siege. Might be a bit too strong for a T1 since you can use it to further “smoke” a FOB during a big push.

If you are looking for an alternative “support” ability, perhaps give the Sentinal some ability that drains them of a huge chunk of health but it grants some Alien they touch a temporary buff of some kind (overshield? hp regen boost? small boost to next slash attack? acid on next slash?). It’d give a Sent who is stuck in a situation where they can’t do anything a way to support other xenos while giving it a harsh penelty so you have to be safe enough to use it?

New Slash - I never use the tail stab cause I am unrobust so I can’t say if it’ll be used more.

Neuro spit - A small buff seems fine. I like the neuro since its a pure support attack that aids other frontline xenos, or for outrunning a chaser.

Scatter Spit - I consider it either a RNG support or something to help keep a capped marine stunned. If it was more accurate at range I’d like it, but might get a bit too annoying for Marines who already have to deal with a lot of stuns


This sounds awesome, I would definitely play this. My current problem with sentinel is that it’s supposed to be a support caste but I feel like 90% of the time a different T1 is better for support. Like if I’m a warrior I’d rather have a defender to tank for me and stun people while I drag a marine away. If I’m a lurker I’d rather just have a runner by my side or drone to place some weeds for me.

But these feels like it fixes this issue. The neuro grenade is a unique ability for a T1 so it can provide utility no other T1 can, I really like that. It will also be better at capping, hopefully making it THE capping T1 (whereas before if you wanted to cap as T1 you’d either backline as runner or go drone and hope for some lucky tackles). Xenos need more ability to cap after the larva nerf anyway. Hibernate is also pretty cool, sentinel is very squishy for a frontline xeno and it’s interesting that it remains just as squishy but gets quicker recovery to compensate. The speed buff is cool and I am excited to see if it’s really viable in the backlines, it would be pretty awesome if you can team up with a lurker for some easier caps.

Honestly I worry that this could be TOO powerful but I suppose it can always be nerfed afterwards if that ends up being the case. But I really like the ideas here.

By the way one random idea I’ve had before was that while someone was affected by slowing spit any successful tackle on them has increased stun duration. It would help with castes that don’t have a guaranteed tackle stunlock (where sometimes the marine just stands up even after you tackle them down and keep tackling them). A way to mitigate RNG fuckery basically. But this proposed idea you have at the moment already has enough in it’s kit so you probably don’t need to add this.

I don’t think sentinel needs new abilities, I do think we should buff current abilities.

I’d also keep speed the same, but tackle needs a buff.


Hibernate should only work on hive weeds meaning only allowed to heal on clusters and hive core.

Doubt it’ll end up too much of an issue even if the hive decides to spam sents, its just smoke. Similarly to hibernate, long cd to prevent this from being too oppressive and replacing boilers.

I wanna stick to debuffs with sent, drone already handles buffing xenos.

its a very minor change, instead of having 70%(placeholder number) accuracy it’d have 70-75% instead. I wanna keep it inaccurate for the most part but still a bit more reliable than right now.

Doubt this will change much, but that’s an issue with defenders being what they are. Personally prefer the sent stun to a defender usually

the core idea was that it makes capping easy if teamed up - neuro slash someone after a lurker pounce and he’s a guaranteed capture, same with runner.

I don’t think it’s worth it for just tackle alone - making neuro increase stun durations in general would be cool I guess, the “mark” I mentioned interacting with other xeno stuns to give them an extra 0.5-0.8 duration, but that’d just end up with runners capping off a single pounce lol

4 abilities’s the norm, get with the times. Doubt it’s possible to buff current set to compete with other kits without relying too much on stunlocks. Would probably need another rework.

As for the speed I think some kinda speedup is required to let it work with backliners more, maybe not to the point of lurker but still.

It’s either high cooldown or hive weed limit, both would be too restrictive and low cooldown would cause issues in its own right. Making the hibernate end/heal faster on hive weeds would be cool though.

*Hibernate - Sounds good. I think stuns (ie slugs, explosions, Sniper flack) should cause a wakeup and it should turn a weed like color not glow alternatively to say runners strain power “ForTheHive” this would have been an evolutionary reaction, yes it’s force stunned for the said time, but why would it glow?

*Neuro Grenade, cast spam could be a big problem so it’d have to cost most/all of the sents plasma, along with a short windup - 1.5s locked in place?

*Slash combos with tailstab already dummi - use a keybind to activate while on tailstab

*spit is good where it is, upping the stun would be awful for survivors without head/eye protection - perma stuns if sent is in 1v1 already

*scatter needs the buff at PB range 100%

*stats are good as is for a T1, abilities > tackle … skill issue

thr current mechanic where you can use tailstab or a direct slash to apply the neuro slash is better than just tail

@Morrow See OP for reasoning.

  • New ability:
    Hibernate - causes the sent to enter a forced 10 second sleep (forces it into resting until it’s done) during which it’s health would be restored to full. Useable only on weeds. Light green outline as an indicator. 40s cooldown, uses warden prae heal ability icon

  • Existing abilities:
    Neuro Spit - Cooldown 1.5 to 2s, superslow from 2.5 to 5s
    Scatter spit - scatter from 60 to 45 - tighter cone, should be more reliable overall, stun from 0.7 to 0.8, added 1.5s slow (starts at stun time so actually 0.7s), cooldown 8 to 5
    Paralyzing slash - delay before stun begins from 4s to 3s.

  • Stat changes:
    Tackle from 4-4 to 3-3
    Speed raised from -0.8 to -1 (lurker at -1.4)


  • Gameplay:
    Does it feel good to use?
    Thats the goal. Easy to learn, non-demanding kit fitting for a t1.
    Does it feel good to play against?
    Yeah it should - abilities are well telegraphed, cc durations remain sane and fair.
    Does it affect other systems?
    Teamwork with other xenos, its mostly a stunbot caste.

  • Roleplay:
    Does it increase immersion?
    Finding a sent sleeping on weeds like a guardian’s cool, so yeah, hopefully.
    Does it increase communication/interaction between players?
    I’d say so. Paralyzing slash relies on marines shaking each other up and the new hibernation makes sent reliant on xenos around it, if it sleeps in a bad position.

  • Simulation:
    Does it fit in the CM universe aesthetically?
    It uses no new graphics so yes.
    Does it fit in the lore of CM?
    Yep. Regarding hibernate - sentinels were always the hive guards, so them sleeping somewhere deep on weeds is hella soulful.
    Does it make sense “realistically”

I think hibernate should also restore plasma since the caste is completely useless without it. Will also motivate sentinels to be more supportive by melting more stuff without the risk of having plasma issues later on.


neuro should have the same range as queen spit so people can practise landing queen neuro without playing queen