PREFACE: i wrtoe about this in ideasguy in the forums before it got archived

I have a STROKE every time i try and dechipher the garbage that comes in from charlie/jtac or bravo/req, sinmce the stupid colors for their channels look so alike

for reference these were their old colors a couple years ago

also this is how it looks like in game right now as of circa 2023, u can tell that its easy to get them mixed up when shit is flying at 200 lines a second in a highpop game
also if you THINK this is a non issue i’ll prove you wrong instantly because an RO told me that they frequently miss req orders because they think it’s someone talking in bravo


I think this is a good idea ans should be implemented.

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if you are on windows, you can enable color filters to fix this issue if you are color blind - Settings > Ease of Acess > Color Filters > select color filter > Turn on Color filters

Also yea fix req color. I dont mind jtacs


Being able to choose what colour the comms are would be a good fix for this.

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JTAC looks like the upper text to me, perhaps not as deep. And REQ looks more like the upper, but slightly pale brown, and certainly not the off yellow/orange that it appears on the bottom one like Bravo.

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What colors will you suggest then?

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Make the brighter one even brighter and the darker one even darker, 100% agree it can be an issue

the old ones worked fine for me

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I have discovered that the taser which has two colour modes (Blue for precision, green for free fire) is not red for free fire like I always thought it was… What am I? Who am I?

Isn’t it red for precision and green for “mow down everyone on screen and get lynched”? Marine getting chased by MP for some minor crime and is being captured while laughting his ass off after all tazer shots go over him

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You’re saying there is no blue which I see?

You should really visit the doctor in the next time, if you don’t see the difference between red and blue and green I of course mean that I never meant that, it’s of course red for free mode and blue for precision. Have you never wondered why the shoots have IFF on free mode and no IFF on IFF mode, though?