Please change the dexaline recipe. You can’t even make formaldehyde without making dexaline nowadays, and thats with following the guide to make it.

And the fact that nobody makes dexaline anymore, and just get it from the vendor, just have it use sugar or something as well, or another catalyst.

You got to remember that you need to use a silver beaker and pour methane first


learning that mixing order can change what chemical is made is very important for the Researcher role. You get recipes with Oxygen and Hydrogrn often, or Water and Fluorosurfactant, or chlorine and fluorine.

throwing in a random catalyst like sugar would eventually make a rounds’ random WY chems get fuckywucky.

*without adding a lot of code

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Yes, quickly lockdown research and flush everything down disposals after making the chems unusuable before the chem goons arrive!