FoxTail_99 - Staff Report: Behavior involving Misconduct - JarekTheRaptor

FoxTail_99 - Staff Report: Behavior involving Misconduct - JarekTheRaptor

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Fay ‘Plague’ Corvinus

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What are you reporting?:

Behavior involving Misconduct

Description of the incident:

I was playing Bravo corpsman, when we landed there was a Group of PMCs with a tesla coil sitting at the LZ, the tesla would not shut off so I decided to shoot it down, we can always just repair it later but the marines around me didn’t understand that, one of which was Bravo’s SG who stabbed me in the chest for doing that, I shot them because I was within grounds of self defense but didn’t kill them since we had just dropped and wasting medical supplies already there would be bad in my opinion, so I just decided to wound them as a warning to back off.

Later on, the same SG was spreading false lies about me telling people to stay away from me, that I am a bad or evil person etc etc so I decided to confront them about it, they faced me and bashed me, with the clear intent that he wanted to PB me so I just shot them dead, given the context on what happened less than 3 minutes earlier and what he just did, then I got bwoinked and noted by Jarek for IE when I had every right to do what I did, certainly it had the ‘possibility’ of being an accident, but #1 I don’t have any way of knowing that at the moment and it doesn’t necessarily determine my actions, #2 I already had a prior instance of them attacking me with melee (with no prior escalation), #3 contextually there was animosity; he had the motive to hit me, I had reason to believe it was intentional, I responded accordingly under IE rules.


The smartgun cannot PB anyone due to the way it works, furthermore you have to be in explicit NO IFF mode to even shoot you which this smartgun was not.

Escalation only applies to the current situation, if you or him run off then escalation resets. It does not continue from where it began. You cannot just gun someone down for bashing you with a weapon because you THOUGHT they were trying to shoot you.


Added report:denied and removed report:pendinglogs