FOXTROT Minimum Deployment Number

Essentially, what it says on the tin.

Foxtrot Squad must have a certain number of people when they deploy.

I’d say a minimum of 5.

It’s already in I think more or less but a max of 10-15, depending on the player pop. Whatever reflects standard squad size starting of the match in that pop. Ex:

  • 0 to 100 pop= 8 max
  • 120 pop = 10 max
  • 141 to 180 pop = 12 max
  • 181+ pop = 15 max

Anyways. The original intent of this idea is about minimums. Foxtrot shouldn’t be deploying with 2 people because no ghosts felt like joining it. If there aren’t enough people joining the Foxtrot - you have two options design wise.

#1: Refund points. No Foxtrot.

Maybe add in a cutesy little ARES message like “No FOXTROT Marines Located.” or “FOXTROT Units Unable to Be Retrieved From Deep Cryo.” Whatever is informative and sounds relatively professional and ARES-like.

#2. FOXTROT is delayed.

Every 10 or 15 minutes the ERT message for FOXTROT will come up. It will keep coming up until there are at least the minimum required number of marines (for example, 5) who want to join as FOXTROT.

In this scenario, I’m not sure what works design wise:
Maybe the ERT would have to be cancelled and auto starts again until 5 people click “JOIN AS ERT FOXTROT”…or maybe it could simply stack up everyone who clicks that JOIN AS ERT Button until enough people as in the queue.

The Whys of the Topic:

1: Gitlab suggestion? I have no idea how in the current system or even if it is possible and don’t have an account anymore. Just copy-paste it if you know how/can.

  1. It is amusing to see “FOXTROT has deployed: 2 Marines” or whatnot. But it’s also rather poor design when they cost a fair bit of intel and then the unit deploys with basically no marines because the ghosts of the match are afk/out of the match/spawning in as lessers/observing instead, etc.
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Yeah, I also want to scale cryorines amount with pop and probably remove spec from first tier (still can get it from second and third call). Just want to keep things atomised, so will do this when my pr gets merged.

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I would suggest incorporating some sort of warning so that command knows not to expect a replacement spec, if the spec spawning will depend on the population. The spec is a big part of foxtrot.

Edit: Just had an idea - why not make it a Foxtrot QUEUE after the initial deployment surge that lets the full number spawn over a period of time? That way if two spawn, it’ll trickle the rest out over a period of time as people realize they can respawn as a marine.