Frontline getting vague? And "actively finding combat"? Also something about moderation procedures

Context. The CL deployed in full combat gear (approved by the CO) to find W-Y stuff in the backlines.

The CL was near FOB(Corporate dome) which is beside the FOB. He heard a guy getting killed by a lurker or saw someone getting pounced.
So in response he went out(?) of the cades to shoo away the lurker and help the marine (with the gear approved to him by the CO)

In turn for trying to save the marine he was noted for frontlining (which wasnt even the frontline) he mentioned that marines were at the river. The river is roughly 5-7 screens away from the FOB/Corpodome. Shouldnt it be the backlines?

Also the combat logs of the CL, Runner/lurker, marine(that was getting killed) werent provided for some reason. To prove that he wasnt actively seeking combat and actually not in the frontlines (damage logs provide coordinates)

  1. Can we have a full resolution on what the “frontlines” are? Because this is a very gray area and staff are interpreting it themselves on what the frontlines is.

  2. Why isnt it standard procedure to provide combat logs/logs for frontlining? If he was actually in the frontline they it would show the guy actively finding xenos and shooting them. But this wasnt the case.

  3. Intentions and RP. The guy actually got a full combat gear approved by the CO. If this guys intent was to frontline. Why would he ask for permission? Why would he leave evidence of him wanting to go frontlines?(staff can see written papers and probably the reason why he was observed in the first place.)
    I could just play as a mute CL. Go to the preps and snag myself a gun. Uniform from hangar barrels. Armor from the prep. But instead he actually opted to RP everything. Do you think that amount of effort to just procure stuff screams “This guy will frontline and kill xenos in the front”? Why are staff punishing people trying to RP? Then people complain about the server being too LRP when the people like the CL exists.


I don’t think it is needed to deploy as CL, it is mainly a shipside RP role and it actually seems low-RP if some probaly junior pencil pusher decides at one day to grab marine armor and an assault rifle he isn’t even trained to use and search around for things in an active war zone. If you had some office job and some property of the company you’re working for would get attacked somewhere else in the world, would you just choose to grab military-grade weapons, take a plane there and rescue it? If you want something from the colony and feel like creating RP, just bribe an IO or a rifleman or whatever, CLs can print cash and encryption keys for a reason.

I’m fairly certain the Almayer Liason job is a dead-end posting where the Company sends undesirables/people who seriously screwed up business politically in-house. If they want to self-remove via risk-taking it probably saves the Company more on insurance, medical, etc., costs than it would cost them to buy a second-hand accounting of the incident.

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I’m personally against CL’s wearing USCM gear, and it boggles the mind when they not only ask for armour, but an actual uniform as well. A CL should really only need to take their personal body armour they have in their office and a pistol which they also have, because staying behind the cade line means staying in the FOB. If you’re outside the cade line, you’re not in the FOB. It cannot be simpler.

As for rear line/front line, the CL should not be in any of those places as it is still a combat zone and you are meant to be a solely RP role. Going out to “shoo” a lurker is to invite combat.

As for what PWNRA has stated, your intention is to make WY HQ take notice of your work with the hope of anything you can get them being valuable. You would be wanting to get a percentage of any such benefits it would bring to the company (think anywhere between 0.25% and 1%, thank you corporate overlords for your generosity), and finally getting a promotion and transferal somewhere nicer. Pictures are basically useless, bodies are good. Eggs are the motherload. Any chemical synthesis documents which have been used to create something for the USCM are also valuable.

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The question is how does a CL going one screen away from the FOB to pick up some stuff from corporate dome harm anyone’s enjoyment of the game? Even if they got killed by a lurker while outside the cades, does anyone really care?
In my opinion it’s only an issue if they’re wasting the role by just playing it like a PFC. It’s a limited role so it’s unfair to other people if you waste the role by just going to the front and shooting xenos as if you were PFC. But in this case the player was clearly trying to RP CL stuff by going to retrieve things from corporate dome, they’re not wasting the role by playing it as PFC.

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As a CL you should try and focus on role playing with other people to get them to do stuff for you, such as getting things from corporate dome. Give people stuff to do and add that other layer to the rounds where there’s more than just 1 actor involved. WY has interests just the same as the USCM does, CL’s are there to fulfill that.

This can all start at the beginning of the round before briefing where you ask the CO/XO permission to speak at briefing about items of interest to the company and for marines to bring them to you etcetera. This used to happen more often but for some reason CL’s nowadays seem to get confused and simply try to say how WY sponsored this and that which really adds nothing.

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It sounds like you’re making a case for how CLs could roleplay better but roleplaying in a way that could be better is not necessarily harming anyone’s enjoyment of the game. I agree there’s probably better things the player could have done to make the roleplay more fun for everyone but that’s besides the point. The player from the report was clearly attempting to roleplay as a CL and they did so in a way that doesn’t seem to have harmed anyone’s enjoyment. “They could have roleplayed better” should not be against the rules unless it’s actual LRP like acting insane or spouting memes or doing other obviously immersion breaking things.

Also I don’t see why you can’t involve other people in your roleplay while also going outside the cades a bit, they could have just asked a bravo rifleman to be their bodyguard for a moment while they search corporate and that would probably lead to more roleplay than just asking someone on the ship who is probably going to forget about what they asked as soon as they deploy. Going outside of cades is not mutually exclusive with roleplay.

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you cant wear USCM stuff without the uniform. We are mechanically restricted to.

  1. I myself would probably have handled this differently. In my view the man was not in the frontline, even if doing combat, and I’d probably just shrug it off and let him go on with his life.

  2. I’ve provided logs to what’s being contested.
    If the parties find interest in checking Clogs, then I’m providing it.

  3. Same as 1.

I just twist my nose a bit at the loadout, but that’s more of an IC issue with Req and the CO giving them a thumbs up on all they requested than much else, even if it tickles me the wrong way.

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Okay I don’t twist my nose just a bit, looking at it twice and thrice makes me scratch my head further.

The note should have been worded differently a wee bit but eh

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What’s frustrating is how a staff member can note you with one stated reasoning (being outside of cades) and then when the staff report comes along the note can be defended with different reasoning (being in combat gear)
Soldier’s response to that report doesn’t seem to mention that being outside of the cades was a problem, so would the player have been fine going outside of cades as long as he wasn’t in combat gear? I genuinely don’t even know because the post doesn’t specify. Which is weird because “frontlining” and going outside of the cades was seemingly the primary reason the player got noted by Lynx.

Annoyingly even though the report was resolved it was done so without answering any of the questions people actually wanted answering, such as is corporate dome right next to LZ the “frontline”, are CLs allowed to leave cades? Just completely sidestepped all of that by focusing on the combat gear which didn’t originally seem to be the main reason for the note.

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It’s… not somethign fixed, Rena.

noun: frontline

1. the military line or part of an army that is closest to the enemy.

It’s a bit subjective, but when you’re in woyer range it’s certainly a frontline.

Sure I guess I should have been clear that I meant it in the context of this report where apparently the fighting was happening “to the north”. I’m not sure it’s specified where exactly but since no logs were provided to say that it was an FOB siege or anything I’m going to assume it was beyond the river.

Obviously it’s subjective but I want to understand staff’s viewpoint. Because to me there’s no way that being in corporate dome next to LZ2 while the fighting is happening beyond the river is “frontlining” but staff appear to disagree (or maybe they don’t disagree? It’s unclear) which is why clarification would be nice.

If the player was in warrior range maybe that should have been mentioned by someone

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Just don’t run around alone as CL, if it’s the frontline or the backlines. The backlines are probaly even more dangerous until you are some tryhard powergaming PFC with four shotguns.


Precisely this. I made a staff report to debate a note for griefing that I believed was erroneous. However, it was ruled as IE, and the report was closed. In no way did it address whether the situation was griefing or not. Was my case griefing and IE, or just IE? OR was it griefing in the form of IE but just ruled as IE, I do not know. I’d prefer if they said, “While this is not a case of griefing, it is IE,” or something to that effect.

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you might as well just say you guys dont want civies or any RP role planetside if this is the case. No one has mind reading powers to know whats outside the FOB. I could literally be noted from frontlining because i didnt know a drone was in the edge of my screen

Give a ruling. What should “frontline” be actually?? Dont get it from a dictionary. We need CM rulings.

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CIC often refers to frontlines based on the map zones/departments etcetera. Perhaps we could follow a similar criteria? With a kind of perimeter around that zone that would also be considered a part of the frontline or adjacent zones being included.

Taking LV624 for example, the fighting could be taking place at the northern beach. We would then consider HYDRO and MEDBAY to be a part of the frontline.

Or if it’s at CONTAINERS, we consider the beach a part of the frontline. And so on and so forth.

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From what I can gather based on my conversation in the policy feedback thread I posted I don’t think that “frontlining” is actually a real thing in the rules. It is then baffling why the staff member accused the player of “frontlining as the CL” but I guess it’s not against staff rules for them to accuse you of things that aren’t real rule breaks as long as that isn’t actually the sole basis for the note they give you.

It seems that in the end the staff action was considered legitimate because the player left the cadeline as CL and there is a rule clarification stating that shipside roles that deploy are restricted to very secure areas such as FOB or an area with multiple cade lines in all directions (which sounds like doctors can’t go to medbay on lv which is weird since I’ve seen that happen but I guess that’s against the rules)
Weird that Soldier decided to emphasise the full combat gear when that part doesn’t actually seem to be what made it a rule break, I think Solider is just being weird and saying confusing things. As I have learned from my policy feedback thread you shouldn’t take staff’s word seriously, just focus on the rules I think. That’s what I’m taking from all this anyway. If you focus solely what is written in the rules it actually does seem justifiable to note the player here, even if I personally think it’s excessive enforcement for someone who was one screen away from cades.


Yeah I’m not a fan of people saying wearing armor is LRP. Just assuming that every desk jockey has no idea how to shoot a rifle or put on armor is silly and unrealistic. And by that measure, if a paper pusher wearing armor is LRP, why is it fine for doctors to wear armor to the FOB? What about civs strapped to teeth when it’s code red on the Almayer? A doctor or an MT can just pick up an SMG or an assault rifle and just start blasting away.


That’s a dumb ruling. Too many grey areas if suddenly CL can’t wear armor, can’t step outside the cades, can’t “frontline” despite not even being in the frontline and only fending off one lurker, not allowed to defend other humans because “you’re not a combat personnel”.

At this point ban all unarmed personnel from deploying planetside because of shit like this. Or have a very clear rule “if you’re not a marine, stay in the FOB and don’t wear armor because civilians can’t handle armor and don’t defend other humans because you’re a civilian pussy!!!” or something like that.

Too vague and too many grey areas.