FrostBlaze - Player Report: Tom "Mechman" Hendriks, Rule 4 and/or Rule 10

FrostBlaze - Player Report: Tom “Mechman” Hendriks, Rule 4 and/or Rule 10

What’s your BYOND key?


Round ID:


Your character name:

Josie Rader

Accused BYOND key:

Not sure

Accused character name:

Tom “Mechman” Hendriks

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 4 and/or Rule 10

Description of the incident:

I was just vibing in a WO round where I was fighting outside of cades like I normally do. I ended up bumping Tom out of a cadeline and he ended up stepping on fire and calling me an “Asshat”. He then ends up calling me a “Certified retard” and places a sandbag so I cant get back into the cadeline (even though there was another entrance I could get in) and says “Now she cant come in if even if she wants to.” and then says “Good riddance.” About a minute later I was fighting a lurker and a spitter. I killed the lurker and chased a spitter down. I ended up taking some FF which is expected on WO especially if im playing outside of the cades like this. After the spitter dies it looks like he intentionally burst tracked me twice to try to kill me. In the video you can see that these two burst tracks (maybe three) come from Tom, the one in the balaclava, because of the bullet line and you can see his gunfire sprite track me when I try to move west to avoid FF. This and his behavior beforehand leads me to believe that this was intentional to try to kill me and perma me. Also if you dont know what burst tracking is (I was unsure from the ahelps), its when you sprite click something when your gun is on burst, those three shots will all fire at the sprite wherever it goes. If he did not burst track me (intentionally clicking my sprite) those last two bullets at the end would have gone over me since I was lying on the ground dead. Also the spitter he was supposedly aiming at was long dead and the other didn’t enter the screen yet. Its not really a big deal to me, I know the risks of playing outside the cades like this and the FF in WO. I normally wouldn’t make a report but I ended up ahelping it and mentioned I had a recording of it so I guess I just wanted to clear it up and show my side of the story better. Also this was handled in game but Silencer said the logs couldn’t really prove anything and I was encouraged to make a player report.


When the video first begins is my first interaction with Tom where I accidently bump him out of the cades. (In hindsight I should have at least shaken him up).

At 0:50 Tom points at me and calls me a retard.

At 1:00 he places the sandbag.

At 1:20-1:30 he says along the lines of she cant get back in, good riddance.

At 2:16 the spitter dies and this is where I believe he intentionally clicked me to burst track and kill me. From my HvH experience this is exactly what it looks like when a player burst tracks you.

I was going to edit the video down but the events were pretty close together so I kept it mostly unedited for clarity and context.

This picture is another reason why I believed it was him that shot me. The bullet direction is coming from him and it also matches his gunfire sprite which is underneath the sandbag. He is the one right of the plasteel foldable cade.

Your video shows something off screen what I believe is being attacked and you’re in active combat when the entire cade line is firing.

I don’t see any rules broken, the sandbag interaction is a IC conflict cause they all said you need to come back.