Full auto needs some balancing

Full auto is turning things into marine stomps and it’s clearly showing how big a deal it is when players’ clicks are consistently going through and just how damaging click drag override being disabled by default really is for the average player.

For the unaware:
By default the game discards any click you make if you drag while clicking. So if you held down the left mouse button for 1ms and you moved your mouse 1 pixel within that 1ms, your click will be discarded.

This is default behaviour and discards the vast majority of a players’ clicks (both xeno and human but it’s imo more relevant for guns). To disable this ‘feature’ there is a preference toggle called ‘toggle click drag override’ which you want it to say “Depressing the mouse button on disarm or harm intent will now click the target immediately, even if you hold it down – unless you’re click-dragging yourself, an ally, or an object in your inventory.” and then you’ll go from 30% or fewer of your clicks working to almost all of them.

IMO if you want to balance out full auto, best way to do it is to add more recoil effects especially while moving - decrease accuracy on the move while firing full auto and incentivize people to use attachments like vertical/angled grips, bipods, and stocks, (and higher firearms skill) to mitigate it.

I would try making full auto most effective from stationary and braced positions, and less effective running and gunning. As what I’ve been seeing so far in the game, the biggest reason full auto is so good (aside the fact peoples’ “clicks” actually work now) is because it’s massively increased the possible aggressiveness/tempo of marine players and let them push much harder and faster than before, resulting in xenos getting overrun.


Full auto gave the Marines the power to do what they always could do. A hoard of Marines charging forward and firing their weapons is a powerful thing.

The issue is more that convincing a hoard of people to charge is easier when all they have to do is hold their left mouse button versus running and clicking rapidly like a madman while getting carpel tunnel.

Its also the reason why Smartgunners would often be the ones to lead a charge simply because they are emboldened by their full auto fire to do so.

Autofire simply brings this issue to the forefront.

You can override it in preferences.

Problem with autofire is that it does break balance. But! Another problem is that it did make the game more enjoyable for marines. Thus we cannot just revert the change and stick with single and burst fire like before. Because why would we make the game less enjoyable on purpose. I don’t think adding huge downsides to autofire would solve the issue, because it would just make autofire inferior to spamclicking, which will basically turn autofire into noob trap. I think the best way is to compensate autofire either with marine nerfs or xeno buffs, but leave autofire as is.

Autofire’s off tm for a bit while we work out a couple things with it

I do think lower the mag capacity or firing speed might help a bit with auto fire. Same way CO’s weapon has IFF debuff. This time it’ll be a debuff on auto fire.

Isn’t one of the balancing options being done to reduce the amount of ammo a marine can carry? I know we saw things such as extended mags being removed, Mk1’s being CIC only, removed the large mag pouches.

If the way to balance out auto fire is to make each individual marine able to carry less ammo and be more reliant on other people bringing up supplies, then that might be a better approach.

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Attrition is irrelevant if there is a near infinite amount of magazines on the ship (Which is how it should be, an entire team running out of ammo for the basic weapons would be gross) and even a barely-competent requisitions team will have ammo coming out their ass ready at the FOB or in a supply crate being dropped.

It also fails to address the issue on the front, attrition is doubly irrelevant when one side melts the other in 30 minutes.

Unsurprisingly when you balance the game for years around nobody actually being able to click anything, and then suddenly make it much easier to do so, it throws off the balance.

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guns get a 20% firing speed penalty when in automatic modes yall need to read the pr

That’s literally not the point we’re addressing at all, goofus.

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Honestly not coming back to CM unless full auto gets reverted or some insane stat revamp happens.

Look through patch history. Look at medical. Think before you type, the game revolves around unenjoyable mechanics.

If you lower RoF it becomes a noob trap. Mag size is a weird way to handle this honestly since it impacts all other firing stats and doesn’t really solve the issue

No. Just because there were some irrelevant ammo box nerfs it doesnt stop a marine from hauling 2 of them, 1 in each hand and throwing these around the front. Overtuned DPS being balanced by ammo scarcity is just nonsense anyway and will never actually be done to the point that it matters (you’d have to nuke marine prep vendor ammo)

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Just reverting all recent xenomorph nerfs(number of larvas, warrior/lurker nerfs) would balance the game with the autofire added on.

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The firing speed on full auto was -20% of either burst or single fire IIRC (which made it laughable save for drag clicking). If the drag click could be implemented for single and burst with the respective shot times instead of full auto ol Gramps would be happy. Bugs got Dir Slash, can marines get Fire Drag?

click drag override’s a thing in preferences already

I think he means you can drag your bullets. Like instead of firing a burst at the same thing you can drag it to adjust your aim if you miss the first shot of a burst.

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This. Click-drag is an active hindrance if one’s mouse moves a nanometer.

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