fun MST rounds

LV hole in the wall bar

Pipe bomb in maints

Hangar chef hold


Field Kitchen


MST rounds stopped being fun for me once they banned cannibalism :frowning:

wait they baned canibalism?

its in the rules. Cannibalism is now considered LRP. Gibbing someone and eating them will get you bwoinked.

oh hey that’s me the Researcher
did you know that i was the one who planted that?
You are lucky the bomb malfunctioned and it didn’t blew up

Someone force fed me a meat pizza they made out of humans. And then acted surprised when I put them in perma. “You’re the one who ate the human meat, not me!”


As a cannibal chef i would never do such a thing. I serve and also eat my own cuisines because i know that shit taste good. :face_with_monocle:

As a cannibal chef you should always get your meat from real authentic humans, preferably from the morgue or the Alamo’s floor. Synthetic meat made by research tastes bad, you know why? It didnt come from a living human, IT HAS NO SOUL!!! You can’t go to flavortown without some soul, and some of that human touch.

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you are not a true cannibal chef if you haven’t fed the whole MP department human meat like I did!

(I got perma’d but after that 2 MPs approached me saying if i had more lmao)

What??? Why would you feed MPs such delicacies? You know how expensive human meat is in this economy?

MPs dont have the taste for our refined cuisine. All they know is donut, and glazed donut, and they would perish if said donuts doesnt contain a metric ton of sugar PER SERVING. Their tastebuds and teeths are utterly annahilated from the amount of sugar they consume daily, they will never appreciate your human meat cuisine. Also, did it ever come to your mind that those 2 MPs were trying to trick you? Feeding into your ego, so they can find and destroy your masterpiece?


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didn’t though of that
Truth is they found my stash of human meat after that

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Why does it seem like MSt and MT are hardcore antagonists almost every round? Who needs agents.