Gachiweeb - Player Report: Nicholas, Whitelist violation - Synthetic Combat Restrictions

Gachiweeb - Player Report: Nicholas, Whitelist violation - Synthetic Combat Restrictions

What’s your BYOND key?


Round ID:


Your character name:

Warrior DP-549

Accused BYOND key:

Steelpoint [not sure about this]

Accused character name:


What rule(s) were broken?:

Whitelist violation - Synthetic Combat Restrictions

Description of the incident:

Deep into the round, xenos and marines were both fighting in the front as well as in the backline.
Me and I believe a runner were contesting the ground near Engineering where marines were trying to retake back their previous position near telecomms tower and fix the cades/build them up even more.

During that fight, in the same place as in the video i provided, I encountered synth Nicholas for the first time. He charged in similarly as he did in the video and immediately started bashing me while i was dealing with multiple marines. He did not try to help them up nor drag them away. He immediately started punching me and tried to block my movement. The only evidence of that happening is the screenshot of chat i took shortly after, but after that i decided to start recording just in case something similar happened.

About 2-5 minutes later, I come back to the same spot and see that now there are new cades and the old ones are repaired, so i try to pick off some marines as it’s seen in the video. Nicholas again charges at me, starts whacking me with the baton and positions himself so that i am blocked in. He does this even though there are multiple marines around me, even more so in the back coming to flank me and bodies/wounded marines right next to him.

Depending on what you consider the area we fought in to be the first or second time, I think Nicholas broke Synthetic combat restrictions guidelines.

If that area was to be considered part of the frontline due to the ammount of marines in that area, then actively assaulting enemy forces by charging in head on to bash them and block them is a clear rule break.

If that area is considered to be FOB then still, per guidelines
“While a Synthetic Unit is moving between locations, returning wounded, guarding the FoB, or patrolling the colony alone or in small groups, they are allowed to defend themselves and the lives of other humans, provided that assistance from others nearby is ineffective or unable to arrive in time.”
I think priotising to attack me and block me instead of dragging wounded and the dead while there’s plenty of marines already attacking me and even more coming to flank me is also a clear rule break.


First encounter [only logs] - Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Second encounter - 2023.06.18_Nicholas

Hello. I’m Nicholas the synthetic player.

I’ll describe my actions as detailed in this report. I also recorded most of the round and will post my perspective of these two events, if additional footage is needed I can provide it.

Context: At this time in the round I believe the frontline was somewhere between cave entrance to the medical dome up north. After I noticed that our comms was down I decided to head down to the Engineering comms array to assess the situation and attempt to repair the comms. I noticed there were several backline xenos (runners, lurkers, warriors) so I warned the other Marines and I moved in when safe.

First Incident: I noticed that the comms array was destroyed and most of the cades I had constructed earlier were destroyed. I began to repair the array when I heard the ‘armour light click’ sound to my east that normally plays when someone dies. I dropped what I was doing and moved to that location and found a Warrior with two dead Marines and one almost dead Marine. I moved in and struck the Warrior with my fists in an attempt to get it to disengage. After the Warrior retreated and I noticed more Marines arriving I immediately grabbed a dead Marine and withdrew to safety.

Second Incident: I had reconstructed the barricades, healed the wounded/dead and had begun to fix the comms array when a Warrior had begun harassing the cade line. I pointed them out so other Marines could handle it. However I quickly swapped to my Nailgun to try and quickly repair the frontline cade, though body blocking made this impractical.

After noticing another Marine was faltering and the few present Marines were unable to force the Warrior to withdraw, I grabbed my baton and moved forward in an attempt to force the Warrior to retreat, after some of the wounded moved back I attempted to withdraw, but body blocking slowed me down. I grabbed the dead Marine and withdrew to cover to attempt to revive them.

I should note that body blocking was something that is unavoidable considering the fact the area was a close quarter environment. This was not an open arena, and I am confident that virtually everyone involved was body blocking everyone, including the other xenomorphs.

My understanding of the situation was that it was an emergency, multiple marines were in distress and dying/dead and Marine forces were in disarray. As far as I was made aware the actual frontlines were in the far north, and I was dealing with merely some backliners.

If I made an error in judgement then I apologise, and if I am at fault I’ll accept the consequences. Though I did not act out of maliciousness but in good faith to rescue dying or dead Marines.

Attached below are two videos of both incidents.

Incident 1

Incident 2

Hello Gachiweeb. Hello Steelpoint.

Nicholas was on a backline in which cades were destroyed. In both incidents there were dead Marines and the nearby Marines, when available, proved insufficient to stopping the threat, rescuing downed Marines, and preventing further casualties. Marines were unable to subdue the threat in a reasonable manner. The intervention of Nicholas enabled the rescue of multiple Marines against the harrassment in the backline location.

The council has reviewed all available evidence including videos and logs, we have determined that Nicholas has acted within their programming and did not break any Synthetic Combat Restrictions during their tenure by the southern backlines.

Thank you for your time, this report is denied.